Spirituality Videos
February 10, 2016

Reuters - Innovations Video Online (Oct. 7, 2015) — More than 50 percent of student athletes that play impact sports like football and soccer suffer from neural trauma and altered brain function, even when signs of concussion are not present, according to a series of research studies. Ben Gruber reports. Video provided by Reuters ... watch video

Reuters - Business Video Online (July 16, 2015) — Media mogul Russell Simmons talks about how meditation is gaining in popularity among top business leaders, and how the practice is spreading at schools as a learning tool. Bobbi Rebell reports. Video provided by Reuters ... watch video

Newsy (Mar. 7, 2015) — Scientists are looking more and more into the potential benefits of hallucinogenic drugs, decades after research slowed down. Video provided by Newsy ... watch video

Newsy (Oct. 9, 2014) — Terminally ill Brittany Maynard plans to end her life under Oregon's Death with Dignity Act. The practice is legal in only 5 states. Video provided by Newsy ... watch video

TheStreet (May 29, 2014) — Industrial hemp advocacy and the therapeutic bent to agriculture both come to a head in Healing Grounds, an organization started this year by Fred-Curtis Lewis, a 36-year-old vet whose brother, Mike, founded Growing warriors in 2012. Lewis was shot in the helmet in Afghanistan in 2008 while serving as a Special Forces medical sergeant, but he believes the CBD, the cannabidiol found in both marijuana and industrial hemp, can help with his own PTSD. He discovered the power of cannabis while in Washington state, where medical marijuana is legal. Now, from his base in Kentucky, he's on a mission to help fellow vets suffering from the trauma of war. Video provided by TheStreet ... watch video

Newsy (May 11, 2014) — Researchers found a successful way to induce lucid dreaming in study participants by giving them a jolt while they slept. Video provided by Newsy ... watch video

AFP (Apr. 7, 2014) — Mindfulness meditation is the latest trend adopted by movie stars and self-help gurus. But increasing numbers of psychologists are convinced that the technique can relieve stress and improve focus. Duration: 02:18 Video provided by AFP ... watch video

Howdini (Oct. 2, 2013) — Mindfulness is a centuries-old practice that is said to create a greater sense of self while also increasing connectedness to others. Psychiatrist Dr. Henry Emmons discusses how a mindfulness can help reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. ... watch video

MultiVu (Aug. 13, 2013) — Less than 20 % of individuals who incur a concussion have associated loss of consciousness. ... watch video

Deutsche Welle (Apr. 4, 2013) — Repeating a grade gives weaker pupils a chance, say advocates. Detractors counter that having pupils repeat grades wastes time and hurts children's feelings. The newly elected SPD/Green government of the state of Lower Saxony has rekindled debate by announcing that it plans to discontinue the practice.It may want to consult with the city-state of Hamburg, which has experience with both approaches. ... watch video