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May 3, 2016

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May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016 — A new subgenus of plants has officially been called Jamesbondia after the notable American ornithologist James Bond, whose name Ian Fleming is known to have used for his eponymous spy ... read more

Placebo Effects in Women Are Boosted by Vasopressin

May 3, 2016 — A new study suggests that women are particularly susceptible to the pain-relieving placebo effect of vasopressin. Placebos are used to help accurately measure clinical responses/outcomes when ... read more

Customized Snacks Created Through 3D Food Printing

May 3, 2016 — Scientists are aiming to develop advanced food manufacturing technologies by combining expertise in food, material science and 3D printing technology. Healthy snacks with great textures are in ... read more

May 3, 2016 — Predictions from quantum physics have been confirmed by countless experiments, but no one has yet detected the quantum physical effect of entanglement directly with the naked eye. This should now be ... read more

May 3, 2016 — The nerve agent sarin causes a deadly overstimulation of the nervous system that can be stopped if treated with an antidote within minutes of poisoning. Today, a ground-breaking study describes in ... read more

Teens With Allergies and Asthma: Start Prepping Now for Move to College

May 3, 2016 — Being in a new location with new risky behaviors can negatively impact your health and increase your risk for ingesting food allergens and exposure to allergy and asthma triggers. A new article ... read more

May 2, 2016 — Research has shown the significance of social relationships in influencing adult human behavior and health; however, little is known about how children's perception of their social networks ... read more

May 2, 2016 — Researchers have developed SpiroCall, a new health sensing tool that can accurately measure lung function from anywhere in the world over a simple phone call. It is designed to work with older mobile ... read more

A Climate Warming Warning: Warmer Temperatures Are Affecting Lakes in the Oilsands Region

May 2, 2016 — Scientists have identified climate warming as the dominant driver of an increase in algal growth in the Athabasca oilsands region of northern ... read more

Diagnosing Mononucleosis: Researchers Work to Expedite Proper Treatment

May 2, 2016 — One researcher wasn't impressed with research on infectious mononucleosis when he wrote his first published review on it back in the 1990s, and he still isn't. Early diagnosis of mono is ... read more

May 2, 2016 — The sea urchin's intricate mouth and teeth are the model for a claw-like device developed by a team of engineers and marine biologists to sample sediments on other planets, such as ... read more

Origin of Synaptic Pruning Process Linked to Learning, Autism and Schizophrenia Identified

May 2, 2016 — Researchers have identified a brain receptor that appears to initiate adolescent synaptic pruning, a process believed necessary for learning, but one that appears to go awry in both autism and ... read more

May 2, 2016 — Nanoparticles that can deliver anti-obesity drugs have been developed by researchers. Obese mice that received the treatment lost 10 percent of their body weight, report ... read more

Cardiovascular Risk Tool Overestimates Actual Chance of Cardiovascular Events

May 2, 2016 — A widely recommended risk calculator for predicting a person's chance of experiencing a cardiovascular disease event -- such as heart attack, ischemic stroke or dying from coronary artery ... read more

May 2, 2016 — New research shows the sudden oak death epidemic in California cannot now be stopped, but that its tremendous ecological and economic impacts could have been greatly reduced if control had been ... read more

May 2, 2016 — Livestock farming is responsible for 18 percent of the world's greenhouse gases, and ruminants such as cattle, sheep and goats generate 35 percent of one of these gases -- methane, and according ... read more

May 2, 2016 — Earth could contain nearly 1 trillion species, with only one-thousandth of 1 percent now identified, according to a study from biologists. The estimate is based on the intersection of large datasets ... read more

Hydropeaking of River Water Levels Is Disrupting Insect Survival, River Ecosystems

May 2, 2016 — A group of researchers concluded that 'hydropeaking' of water flows on many rivers in the West has a devastating impact on aquatic insect ... read more

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy May Help Reduce Memory Problems in Cancer Survivors Who Have Received Chemotherapy

May 2, 2016 — A new analysis indicates that a type of psychotherapy delivered by videoconference may help prevent some of the long-term memory issues caused by ... read more

Method Stabilizes, Enhances Phosphorene

May 2, 2016 — A research team used organic chemistry to covalently react a single-molecule-thick layer onto phosphorene to stabilize its reactivity to open ... read more

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