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April 25, 2017

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April 25, 2017

Intense Training Without Proper Recovery May Compromise Bone Health in Elite Rowers

Apr. 25, 2017 — Bone mineral density, an indicator of bone strength, typically increases with regular exercise, acting as a protective mechanism against bone fractures and osteoporosis. But a new study suggests that ... read more

One Step Closer to an 'Exercise Pill'

Apr. 25, 2017 — Studies show obese people produce elevated levels of a protein called myostatin. A new study shows suppressing myostatin enhanced muscle mass and dramatically improved markers of heart and kidney ... read more

Religious People More Likely to Oppose Reproductive Technologies

Apr. 25, 2017 — As new and more effective human reproductive genetic technologies develop, people of faith are more likely to disapprove of these tools than nonreligious people, a new study ... read more

Childhood Obesity Quadruples Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes

Apr. 25, 2017 — Children with obesity face four times the risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to children with a body mass index (BMI) in the normal range, according to a new ... read more

Apr. 25, 2017 — Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are not in better environmental shape than the rest of the ... read more

Apr. 25, 2017 — Fluctuations in estrogen triggered atypical functioning in a key brain memory circuit in women with a common version of a gene. Brain scans revealed altered circuit activity linked to changes in the ... read more

New Method Addresses Reproducibility in Computational Experiments

Apr. 25, 2017 — Scientists have developed a workflow management system that addresses irreproducibility when analyzing large genomics datasets with computers. Nextflow contributes to establishing good scientific ... read more

'Diet' Products Can Make You Fat, Study Shows

Apr. 25, 2017 — High-fat foods are often the primary target when fighting obesity, but sugar-laden 'diet' foods could be contributing to unwanted weight gain as ... read more

India's Outsized Coal Plans Would Wipe out Paris Climate Goals

Apr. 25, 2017 — India will not be able to meet its Paris climate agreement commitments in the coming years if it carries through with plans to construct nearly 370 coal-fired power plants, according to ... read more

Managing Disease Spread Through Accessible Modeling

Apr. 25, 2017 — A new computer modeling study is aimed at making epidemiological models more accessible and useful for public-health collaborators and improving disease-related decision ... read more

The Fast and the Crashed: Collisions Five Times More Likely for Street Racers

Apr. 25, 2017 — Ontarians who have street-raced at least once in the past year are five times more likely than other drivers to have crashed their vehicle at some point during those 12 months. This is the first ... read more

No Biochar Benefit for Temperate Zone Crops, Says New Report

Apr. 25, 2017 — Scientists believe that biochar, the partially burned remains of plants, has been used as fertilizer for at least 2,000 years in the Amazon Basin. Since initial studies published several years ago ... read more

Apr. 25, 2017 — One of the major culprits in capacity fade of high-energy lithium-ion batteries has now been identified by a team of ... read more

Apr. 25, 2017 — Researchers have achieved a significant milestone in the effort to understand pathogens responsible for some of the world’s most deadly infectious ... read more

High Rate of Tumor Shrinkage Among Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Apr. 25, 2017 — Adding cisplatin to standard gemcitabine/nab-paclitaxel drug treatment provided a very high rate of tumor shrinkage for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, according to the results of a pilot ... read more

Apr. 25, 2017 — A new study that followed more than 2,600 men and women for 16 years found that consuming less sodium wasn't associated with lower blood pressure. The study adds to growing evidence that current ... read more

Apr. 25, 2017 — Living in a stimulating environment has a wide range of health benefits in humans and has even been shown to fight cancer in mice, but the underlying mechanisms have been unclear. A study now reveals ... read more

Apr. 25, 2017 — When people migrate, Canis familiaris travels with them. Piecing together the details of those migrations has proved difficult because the clues are scattered across the genomes of hundreds of dog ... read more

Apr. 25, 2017 — Researchers have developed methods to use data from FRAP, an experiment used to study how molecules move inside cells, in ways it's never been used ... read more

Decrease in Cardiovascular Diseases Benefits Persons With Diabetes

Apr. 25, 2017 — The incidence of cardiovascular diseases in Sweden has decreased sharply since the late 1990s. This research included almost three million adult Swedes. In relative terms, the biggest winners are ... read more

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