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March 23, 2017

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March 23, 2017

Humans, Smartphones May Fail Frequently to Detect Face Morph Photos

Mar. 22, 2017 — Both humans and smartphones show a degree of error in distinguishing face morph photos from their 'real' faces on fraudulent identity cards, new research has ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — The brains of those who are born blind make new connections in the absence of visual information, resulting in enhanced, compensatory abilities such as a heightened sense of hearing, smell and touch, ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — Researchers report the discovery of a new technique that could drastically improve the sensitivity of instruments such as magnetic resonance imagers (MRIs) and atomic clocks. The study reports a ... read more

Silence Is Golden: Suppressing Host Response to Ebola Virus May Help to Control Infection

Mar. 22, 2017 — The Ebola virus causes a severe, often fatal illness when it infects the human body. Initially targeting cells of the immune system called macrophages, white blood cells that absorb and clear away ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — Marine protected areas (MPAs) are an increasingly popular strategy for protecting marine biodiversity, but a new global study demonstrates that widespread lack of personnel and funds are preventing ... read more

Use of Mobile App Reduces Number of in-Person Follow-Up Visits After Surgery

Mar. 22, 2017 — Patients who underwent ambulatory breast reconstruction and used a mobile app for follow-up care had fewer in-person visits during the first 30 days after the operation without affecting complication ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — New archaeological analysis suggests people of Western Roman Empire switched between Hunnic nomadism and settled farming over a lifetime. Findings may be evidence of tribal encroachment that ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — Using video microscopy in the living mouse lung, scientists have revealed that the lungs play a previously unrecognized role in blood ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — The earliest mutations of human life have been observed by researchers. Analyzing genomes from adult cells, the scientists could look back in time to reveal how each embryo developed. The study shows ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — More than a century of theory about the evolutionary history of dinosaurs has been turned on its head following the publication of new research. The work suggests that the family groupings need to be ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — A medical team has developed a way to effectively provide a large group of people with basic knowledge and skills to locate and use bleeding control equipment to stop life-threatening bleeding in ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — Scientists have developed a new method which has the potential to revolutionise the way we search for, design and produce new ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — New light has been shed on the functioning of human gut bacteria which could help to develop medicines in the future to improve health and ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — The Arctic sea ice maximum extent and Antarctic minimum extent are both record lows this year. Combined, sea ice numbers are at their lowest point since satellites began to continuously measure sea ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — Researchers have developed a technique that uses light to get flat, plastic sheets to curve into spheres, tubes or ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — Nearly 1,000 feet below the bed of the Dead Sea, scientists have found evidence that during past warm periods, the Mideast has suffered drought on scales never recorded by humans -- a possible ... read more

Weight-Bearing Exercises Promote Bone Formation in Men

Mar. 22, 2017 — Osteoporosis affects more than 200 million people worldwide and is a serious public health concern, according to research. Now, newly published work is the first in men to show that long-term, ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — Researchers have unlocked the key to transforming microscopic nanorings into smart materials that perform work at ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — Researchers have used machine learning on the Stampede supercomputer to model the cellular control network that determines how tadpoles develop. Using that model, they reverse-engineered a drug ... read more

Mar. 22, 2017 — Satellites have been mapping the upper part of the Earth magnetic field by collecting data for three years and found some amazing features about the Earth’s crust. The result is the release of ... read more

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