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Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Complex Cognition Shaped the Stone Age Hand Axe

Apr. 15, 2015 The ability to make a Lower Paleolithic hand axe depends on complex cognitive control by the prefrontal cortex, including the 'central executive' function of working memory, a new study ... full story
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It's the Pits: Ancient Peach Stones Offer Clues to Fruit's Origins

Sep. 6, 2014 Anyone who enjoys biting into a sweet, fleshy peach can now give thanks to the people who first began domesticating this fruit: Chinese farmers who lived 7,500 years ago. Archeologists have a good ... full story
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Archaeologists Uncover Ancient ‘Spooning’ Couple in Greece

Apr. 7, 2015 Almost 6,000 years ago, the man was placed behind the woman with his arms around her body, and their legs were intertwined. They were buried. Why they were interred in this manner is not yet ... full story
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'Smoking Gun' Ancient Coins Are Being Looted from Excavations

June 16, 2014 Millions of ancient looted coins from archaeological excavations enter the black market yearly, and a researcher who has seen plundered sites likens the thefts to stealing “smoking guns” from ... full story
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Biopolitics for Understanding Social Regulation and Control

Nov. 24, 2014 People, as the biological beings that we are, can be socially regulated by mechanisms such as taxes, property or family relationships. This constitutes part of the social policy that the Roman ... full story
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How Ancient Species Survived or Died Off in Their Old Kentucky Home

Apr. 16, 2015 Researchers at an old geological site talk 'dirt' about how Ice Age climate change led to the extinction of mammoths and mastodons, but to the evolution and survival of bison, deer and ... full story
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Major Breakthrough in Reading Ancient Scrolls

Jan. 22, 2015 Revolutionary software is making a breakthrough in reading 2,000-year old Herculaneum scrolls, computer scientists report. After working for more than 10 years on unlocking an ancient piece of ... full story
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Gothic Cathedrals Blend Iron and Stone

Dec. 17, 2014 Using radiocarbon dating on metal found in Gothic cathedrals, an interdisciplinary team has shown, for the first time through absolute dating, that iron was used to reinforce stone from the ... full story
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Beer, Beef and Politics: Findings at Viking Archaeological Site Show Power Trumping Practicality

Dec. 3, 2014 Vikings are known for raiding and trading, but those who settled in Iceland centuries ago spent more time producing and feasting on booze and beef — in part to gain political clout in a place very ... full story
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