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April 28, 2015

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April 28, 2015

MRI Screening Program for Individuals at High Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Apr. 8, 2015 — A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based screening program for individuals at high risk of pancreatic cancer identified pancreatic lesions in 16 of 40 (40 percent) of patients, of whom five underwent ... read more

Apr. 6, 2015 — A new study takes another step toward the early understanding of a degenerative brain condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which affects athletes in contact sports who are ... read more

'Firefly' Mechanism Makes Cancer Studies More Efficient, Less Expensive

Apr. 1, 2015 — The mechanism that makes fireflies glow through a process called bioluminescence can be used to study tumor response to therapy as well, researchers have found. Bioluminescence has a major role in ... read more

OB/GYN Experts Recommend 'Ultrasound First' for Imaging Female Pelvis

Mar. 31, 2015 — Ultrasound technology has evolved dramatically in recent years. A group of noted obstetricians and gynecologists maintain that ultrasound is more cost-effective and safer than other imaging ... read more

Early Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients With Low Tumor Metabolic Activity Have Longer Survival

Mar. 30, 2015 — Low pre-surgery uptake of a labeled glucose analogue, a marker of metabolic activity, in the primary tumor of patients with stage I non-small cell lung cancer is associated with increased overall ... read more

Scientists Convert Microbubbles to Nanoparticles

Mar. 30, 2015 — Biomedical researchers have successfully converted microbubble technology already used in diagnostic imaging into nanoparticles that stay trapped in tumors to potentially deliver targeted, ... read more

Mar. 30, 2015 — Using a new high-speed, high-resolution imaging method, researchers were able to see blood flow and other functions inside a living mouse brain at faster rates than ever ... read more

Nanorobotic Agents Open the Blood-Brain Barrier, Offering Hope for New Brain Treatments

Mar. 25, 2015 — Magnetic nanoparticles can open the blood-brain barrier and deliver molecules directly to the brain, say researchers. This barrier runs inside almost all vessels in the brain and protects it from ... read more

Imaging Tests Detect Coronary Artery Disease Long Before It Strikes

Mar. 24, 2015 — Adding two non-invasive imaging tests to traditional cardiovascular disease risk factor assessment more precisely predicts a healthy patient’s future risk of heart attack, stroke, or premature ... read more

Mar. 24, 2015 — One infrared scan can give pathologists a window into the structures and molecules inside tissues and cells, enabling fast and broad diagnostic assessments, thanks to a new imaging technique. Using a ... read more

Cancer Patients Want More Information About Medical Imaging Risk

Mar. 24, 2015 — A substantial gap exists between patient expectations and current practices for providing information about medical imaging tests that use radiation, according to a new study. Researchers said the ... read more

Photodynamic Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer Made Simpler, Cheaper

Mar. 20, 2015 — Research finds the values measured with dynamic contrast enhanced computer tomography strongly correlated with fluorescence intensity measured directly from the pancreatic ... read more

Speech-Based System for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

Mar. 18, 2015 — Various non-invasive methodologies for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease are under development, researchers report. Alzheimer's disease is the most significant cause of dementia in ... read more

Early Imaging for Back Pain in Older Adults Not Associated With Better Outcomes

Mar. 17, 2015 — Older adults who had spine imaging within 6 weeks of a new primary care visit for back pain had pain and disability over the following year that was not different from similar patients who did not ... read more

Direct Evidence of Gadolinium Deposition in Brain Tissues Following Contrast-Enhanced MRI Exams

Mar. 16, 2015 — New research finds direct evidence of gadolinium deposition in neuronal tissues following intravenous administration of gadolinium-based contrast agents used in MRI exams. "Despite evidence that ... read more

New Imaging Tool to Diagnose Heart Conditions Is Dramatically More Accurate, Less Expensive and Safer

Mar. 16, 2015 — New heart imaging technology to diagnose coronary heart disease and other heart disorders is significantly more accurate, less expensive and safer than traditional methods, according to a new ... read more

Health Outcomes Equal for Patients Diagnosed by CTA or Stress Test

Mar. 16, 2015 — Patients with chest pain have similar rates of heart attacks and other major cardiac events within two years whether they were evaluated with a new type of CT scan or the traditional stress test, ... read more

Mar. 12, 2015 — Researchers have developed a method to stimulate brain tissue using external magnetic fields and injected magnetic nanoparticles -- a technique allowing direct stimulation of neurons, which could be ... read more

Geography Matters: Imaging Overuse Seen for Breast, Prostate Cancer in Certain Regions Across the U.S.

Mar. 12, 2015 — Patients with low-risk prostate or breast cancer were more likely to receive inappropriate imaging during treatment, based on the region of the country in which they received medical care, a report ... read more

Mar. 11, 2015 — The first evidence that a simple blood test could be developed to confirm the presence of beta amyloid proteins in the brain, which is a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, has been presented by ... read more

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