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May 29, 2015

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May 29, 2015

Entolimod May Be a Promising Treatment Option for Many Solid Tumors

May 29, 2015 — The first clinical study of the anticancer effects of the novel agent entolimod are now available. Findings confirm preclinical evidence that the agent, which is derived from salmonella flagellin, is ... read more

May 28, 2015 — A connection between certain approaches to racial socialization in early childhood and parents' expectations for greater success in school has been uncovered by a new study. The researchers ... read more

Nearly One in Seven Hispanic/Latino Adults Has Some Hearing Loss

May 28, 2015 — In the largest study to date of hearing loss among Hispanic/Latino adults in the United States, researchers have found that nearly one in seven has hearing loss, a number similar to the general ... read more

Brain Training Induces Lasting Brain, Mental Health Gains for Veterans, Civilians With Brain Injury

May 28, 2015 — In the first study of its kind, veterans and civilians with traumatic brain injury showed improved cognitive performance and psychological and neural health following strategy-based cognitive ... read more

May 28, 2015 — A portable, finger-probe device successfully measured liver function in brain dead adult organ donors, a finding that could change the way organs are assessed and save thousands of dollars per ... read more

New Findings Shed Light on Complexities of Emerging Zoonotic Malaria

May 28, 2015 — Zoonotic malaria has been shown to be caused by two genetically distinct Plasmodium knowlesi parasite subpopulations associated with different monkey host species in Malaysia, according to new ... read more

Endoscopic Removal of Spinal Tumor With the Patient Awake Reported

May 27, 2015 — The first reported case of extracting a tumor endoscopically has been reported with a 16 year-old patient awake and under a local anesthetic. The minimally invasive procedure enabled accurate ... read more

Scientists Identify Origins of Process That Is Key to Diabetes

May 26, 2015 — A cell that begins the process of scarring in fatty tissue has been identified by researchers. The findings cast new light on a biological process that occurs with obesity and can lead to ... read more

Impulsivity Linked to Binge Eating

May 28, 2015 — Do you get impulsive when you're upset? If so, this could be putting you at risk for binge eating. The more impulsive you are, the more likely it is you'll binge eat when experiencing ... read more

News May Influence Racial Bias

May 28, 2015 — A recent study suggests that long-term exposure to news may negatively influence racial bias towards social ... read more

May 28, 2015 — Beatles versus Rolling Stones. Ironman versus the Incredible Hulk. Deep dish versus thin crust. Such differences of opinion among family and friends rarely end in serious squabbles. Let the ... read more

Melanoma Rates Dramatically Increasing in Children and Young Adults

May 28, 2015 — The incidence of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, has increased by more than 250% among children, adolescents and young adults since 1973, according to new ... read more

Nivolumab Treatment in Melanoma Patients Has Manageable Safety Profile

May 28, 2015 — The monoclonal antibody nivolumab has shown promise as a therapeutic agent, particularly by improving the survival rates of melanoma patients. Medical researchers have presented data from a ... read more

Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia: JAK2 Inhibitor Ruxolitinib Has Promising Efficacy

May 28, 2015 — Scientists are reporting on the first phase 1 study of the JAK2 inhibitor ruxolitinib in CMML ... read more

May 28, 2015 — Sleep is important for long lasting memories, particularly during this exam season. New research suggests that sleeping triggers the synapses in our brain to both strengthen and weaken, which prompts ... read more

Vulnerability Found in Some Drug-Resistant Bacteria

May 28, 2015 — A new study analyzing the physical dynamics of all currently mapped structures in an important group of antibiotic-destroying enzymes has found a common structural feature: the physical coordination ... read more

New Tool to Study an Important Anti-Cancer, Immunosuppressive Target

May 28, 2015 — The chemical rapamycin is used clinically as an immunosuppressant and as an anti-cancer agent that works by inactivating a protein named TOR (Target Of Rapamycin). This protein is essential for the ... read more

Wastewater Treatment May Be Creating New Antibiotics

May 28, 2015 — For years, scientists have been aware of the potential problems of antibiotics being present in wastewater, and new research is showing that treatments to clean wastewater may actually be creating ... read more

New Target for Treating Drug-Resistant Melanoma Found

May 28, 2015 — A new study explains why some melanoma tumors are resistant to BRAF inhibitor treatment. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, killing more than 8,000 people in the U.S. each year. ... read more

May 28, 2015 — The mechanisms behind a genetic mutation that produces certain autistic behaviors in mice has been identified by researchers, as well as therapeutic strategies to restore normal ... read more

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