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June 3, 2015

Researchers have discovered a large, previously unknown field of hydrothermal vents in the Gulf of California, about 150 kilometers (100 miles) east of La Paz, Mexico. Lying more than 3,800 meters ... read more
New research shows that the close linkage between the physical properties of amino acids, the genetic code, and protein folding was likely the key factor in the evolution from building blocks to ... read more
Some female members of a critically endangered species of sawfish are reproducing in the wild without sex. The discovery marks the first time living offspring from 'virgin births' have been found in ... read more
Viewed from above, our solar system's planetary orbits around the sun resemble rings around a bulls-eye. Each planet, including Earth, keeps to a ... read more
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Health News
June 3, 2015

A rare eye disorder marked by color blindness, light sensitivity, and other vision problems can result from a newly discovered gene mutation ... read more
A new study links a commonly used household pesticide with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and young teens. The study found an association between pyrethroid pesticide exposure ... read more
In the general population, IQ increases have been observed over the past 100 years. But are we really becoming more intelligent and if so, how much more intelligent are we becoming? Psychologists now ... read more
Researchers found that beginning readers who focus on letter-sound relationships, or phonics, increase activity in the area of their brains best ... read more
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Physical/Tech News
June 3, 2015

Scientists have created a new carbon material that significantly improves the performance of batteries and ... read more
Super-sharp observations with the telescope Alma have revealed what seems to be a gigantic flare on the surface of Mira, one of the closest and most famous red giant stars in the sky. Activity like ... read more
A method for making elastic high-capacity batteries from wood pulp has been developed. Using nanocellulose broken down from tree fibers, scientists have produced an elastic, foam-like battery ... read more
Rosetta's target 'Chury' and other comets observed by space missions show common evidence of layered structures and bi-lobed shapes. With 3D computer simulations an astrophysicist was able to ... read more
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Environment News
June 3, 2015

Researchers looking for carbon in equatorial ice cores have found diatoms, a type of algae. Their presence is evidence of what the landscape around the Andes in Peru might have been like more than a ... read more
Experts have identified Britain's oldest sauropod dinosaur from a fossil bone discovered on the Yorkshire coast. The vertebra (backbone) originates ... read more
In northwestern Greenland, glaciers flow from the main ice sheet to the ocean in see-sawing seasonal patterns. The ice generally flows faster in the summer than in winter, and the ends of glaciers, ... read more
While their attention may be inland on the San Andreas Fault, residents of coastal Southern California could be surprised by very large earthquakes -- and even tsunamis -- from several major faults ... read more
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Society/Education News
June 3, 2015

Smoking is not only bad for your health; it also puts 400,000 children in poverty in the UK alone. Smoking places a financial burden on low income families, suggesting that parents are likely to ... read more
Our brains are wired to prepare us, during quiet moments, to be socially connected to other people, neuroscientists report. Facebook is aligned with the state of our brains at rest -- which can ... read more
Can we learn to rid ourselves of our implicit biases regarding race and gender? A new study indicates that sleep may hold an important key to success in such efforts. Building on prior research, ... read more
The advice, whether from Shakespeare or a modern self-help guru, is common: Be true to yourself. New research suggests that this drive for authenticity -- living in accordance with our sense of self, ... read more
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