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July 4, 2015

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July 4, 2015

Concerns About Industry Dominance in Diabetes Research

July 1, 2015 — Diabetes research is dominated by a small group of prolific authors, raising questions about the imbalance of power and conflict of interests in this field, argue experts in a new ... read more

Scientists Restore Normal Function in Heart Muscle Cells of Diabetic Rats

June 24, 2015 — Working with heart muscle cells from diabetic rats, scientists have located what they say is the epicenter of mischief wreaked by too much blood sugar and used a sugar-gobbling enzyme to restore ... read more

Diabetic Blindness: Best Source of Stem Cells to Block Vision Loss

June 24, 2015 — Stem cells taken from donors are more likely to be more effective at battling diabetic retinopathy than cells taken from patients' own bodies, a new study concludes. The work is a critical step ... read more

Pet Ownership and Its Potential Benefits for Older Adults

June 23, 2015 — New research calls for increased understanding about older adults, the relationship between pet ownership and health, and the current barriers which limit older adults' chances to own a pet. The ... read more

June 23, 2015 — Scientists working to find treatments for a rare and severe form of diabetes known as Wolfram syndrome have identified a gatekeeper in cells that prevents harmful molecules from spilling and ... read more

Diabetes Medication Reduces Dementia Risk

June 23, 2015 — Treating people with type 2 diabetes, also known as 'age-related diabetes' with antidiabetics reduces their risk for Alzheimer's and other types of dementia. The risk is most ... read more

Two Cultures, Same Risk for Cognitive Impairment

June 22, 2015 — Diabetes is a known risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia, age-related conditions that affect memory and thinking skills. However, little is known about how the diabetes-cognitive decline ... read more

More Women Are Reaching 100 but Centenarian Men Are Healthier

June 22, 2015 — New research has found an increasing trend in the number of people in the UK reaching age 100 over the past two decades. The study also found that, whilst women were far more likely to reach 100 than ... read more

Drug Improves Cognition in Alzheimer's Disease-Mouse Model in Spite of Diet

June 19, 2015 — Long-term administration of a drug that mimics the hunger-signaling hormone ghrelin protected Alzheimer’s disease-model mice from memory deterioration, despite a high-glycemic-index diet, ... read more

'Real World' Link Between Type 2 Diabetes, Low Blood Sugar Risk

June 19, 2015 — Hypoglycaemia is an issue amongst people with type 2 diabetes, particularly for those on insulin, yet is still fairly common for other treatment regimens. Now the hypoglycaemic events in the ‘real ... read more

Scientists Turn White Fat Into Obesity-Fighting Beige Fat

June 18, 2015 — Scientists have shown that berries, grapes and other fruits convert excess white fat into calorie-burning 'beige' fat, providing new strategies for the prevention and treatment of obesity. ... read more

Drug Approved to Treat Osteoporosis Shows Promise in Pre-Clinical Diabetes Research

June 18, 2015 — A drug commonly used to treat osteoporosis in humans also stimulates the production of cells that control insulin balance in diabetic mice, researchers have found. While other compounds have been ... read more

New Tool Identifies Novel Compound Targeting Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

June 17, 2015 — A new drug screening technology has identified a new potential anti-diabetes compound -- and a powerful way to quickly test whether other molecules can have a positive effect on a critical molecular ... read more

Exercise Can Help Control Blood Glucose, and Trim Waist Size and Body Fat in Diabetics Regardless of Fitness Gains

June 17, 2015 — Diabetics who exercise can trim waist size and body fat, and control blood glucose, even if they don’t see cardiorespiratory benefits, new research shows. Researchers found that waist ... read more

Nut Consumption Associated With Reduced Risk of Some Types of Cancer

June 16, 2015 — Nut consumption has long been hypothesized to have a role in preventing both of these diseases, but until now evidence has been inconsistent. A new systematic review and meta-analysis shows that nut ... read more

June 15, 2015 — Sometimes, listening in on a conversation can tell you a lot. A diabetes researcher is listening in on crosstalk between the cells that control the body's response to sugar, helping us to ... read more

Body's Response to Injury, Inflammation May Hinder Wound Healing in Diabetes

June 15, 2015 — Scientists have found that they could speed up wound healing in diabetic mice by keeping immune cells called neutrophils from producing bacteria-trapping neutrophil extracellular traps ... read more

June 15, 2015 — While weaker bones are clearly not a good thing, scientists suspect that, based on a recent mouse study, somewhere in the conversation between the genetically engineered mouse's skeleton and the ... read more

Twitter Hashtags Associated With Diabetes Analyzed

June 12, 2015 — An analysis of Twitter hashtag use on the subject of diabetes provides new insights about spreading health information through social media. The study looked at the hashtag #diabetes and its ... read more

Potential New Treatment for Osteoporosis

June 12, 2015 — Scientists have identified a new therapeutic approach that, while still preliminary, could promote the development of new bone-forming cells in patients suffering from bone ... read more

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