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November 25, 2015

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November 25, 2015

City-Wide Effort Boosts NYC's Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates

Nov. 23, 2015 — Work to increase colorectal cancer screening rates in New York City have resulted in a 40 percent increase in screening rates over four ... read more

Identification of Barrier That Prevents Progression of Benign Kidney Tumors to Malignant Disease

Nov. 20, 2015 — The inner workings of a rare benign kidney tumor has been studied. Researchers have now revealed a mechanism to prevent this type of tumor from becoming ... read more

Nov. 19, 2015 — A new family of nanocarriers, called '3HM,' has been developed and meets all the size and stability requirements for effectively delivering therapeutic drugs to the brain for the treatment ... read more

New Model to Study, Find Ways to Target Rare Tumor

Nov. 19, 2015 — Angiosarcoma or lymphangiosarcoma, a rare malignant tumor of the blood or lymphatic vessels, has no cure, say cancer researchers. However, through recent study, a team has found a new target that ... read more

Nov. 19, 2015 — A new injectable “biogel” is effective in delivering anti-cancer agents directly into cancerous tumours and killing them. This technology has already been successfully tested in the laboratory. ... read more

Nov. 19, 2015 — Scientists are opening the gates of nature’s secret medicine factories, with the aim of giving us new weapons against cancers and resistant bacteria. They are developing technology that will make ... read more

Circulating Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells Successfully Cultivated for the Very First Time

Nov. 19, 2015 — Most cases of small cell lung cancer are only diagnosed after the tumor has already formed metastases. Until now it has not been possible to investigate the reasons for this rapid metastasis, because ... read more

Possible New Mechanism for Aspirin's Role in Cancer Prevention

Nov. 19, 2015 — A new technique called metabolite profiling has been used by scientists to identify a biochemical pathway previously unknown to be regulated by aspirin. Specifically, the researchers found that ... read more

Nov. 19, 2015 — Researchers found they could disrupt STAT3's ability to act as a transcription factor by altering part of the protein, which interfered with its cancer-promoting activity. The findings suggest a ... read more

New Method Developed to Predict Response to Nanotherapeutics

Nov. 18, 2015 — A new approach has been created that uses an FDA-approved, magnetic nanoparticle and magnetic resonance imaging to identify tumors most likely to respond to drugs delivered via ... read more

New Technology Vastly Improves CRISPR/Cas9 Accuracy

Nov. 18, 2015 — By pairing the CRISPR/Cas9 system with a programmable DNA-binding domain (CRISPR/Cas9-pDBD), a researcher has developed a new technology platform that is precise enough to surgically edit DNA at ... read more

Without Prescription Coverage, Some Cancer Patients Do Without Even Low-Cost Drugs

Nov. 18, 2015 — Breast cancer patients whose health insurance plans included prescription drug benefits were 10 percent more likely to start important hormonal therapy than patients who did not have prescription ... read more

Structure of Key Cancer Target Enzyme Revealed by Scientists

Nov. 18, 2015 — Tthe 3-D structure of human heparanase, a sugar-degrading enzyme which has received significant attention as a key target in anti-cancer treatments, has been revealed by scientists. Though naturally ... read more

Late Effects of Treatment Study Continues Sustained Academic Effort in Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Nov. 18, 2015 — Early diagnosis, targeted therapeutics, and more personalized multimodal treatments have boosted survival rates of patients with cancer and have led to a large and rapidly increasing number of cancer ... read more

Technique to More Effectively Diagnose, Treat Cancer Developed

Nov. 18, 2015 — A method to better trace changes in cancers and treatment of the prostate and lung without the limitations associated with radiation has been developed by ... read more

Socioeconomic Factors Associated With Undergoing Surgery for Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer

Nov. 18, 2015 — While socioeconomic factors such as race, ethnicity, marital status, insurance status, and geographic location are associated with whether patients with localized pancreatic cancer undergo resection ... read more

Weekday of Surgery Affects Oesophageal Cancer Surgery Prognosis

Nov. 18, 2015 — Patients who undergo surgery for esophageal cancer early in the week – on a Monday or Tuesday – have a higher chance of long-term survival than those who have surgery at the end of the working ... read more

Global Task Force Tackles Problem of Untreatable Cancers and Disease Relapse: Non-Toxic Chemicals in Plants and Foods May Be Key

Nov. 18, 2015 — Many cancer therapies are highly toxic, and even when they appear to work, a significant percentage of patients will experience a relapse after only a few months.  Typically these relapses result ... read more

Investigational Immunotherapeutic Increased Bladder Cancer Survival

Nov. 18, 2015 — Among patients with metastatic bladder cancer that had progressed after platinum-based chemotherapy, those who received an investigational, personalized peptide cancer vaccine and best-supportive ... read more

Higher Nicotine, Carcinogen Levels Among Smokeless Tobacco Users Compared With Cigarette Users

Nov. 18, 2015 — U.S. adults who used only smokeless tobacco products had higher levels of biomarkers of exposure to nicotine and a cancer-causing toxicant -- the tobacco-specific nitrosamine NNK -- compared with ... read more

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