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November 27, 2015

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November 27, 2015

Can Natural Remedies Jeopardize Cardiovascular Health?

Nov. 19, 2015 — Physicians report on the case of a woman who presented with aconitine-induced cardiovascular symptoms. Their report warns that the use of this natural ingredient may lead to severe ... read more

Urine-Derived Stem Cells Predict Patient Response to Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Nov. 19, 2015 — High blood cholesterol is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. To identify new strategies to combat high cholesterol in genetically predisposed individuals, new preclinical models ... read more

Weekday Sleep Changes May Raise Risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease

Nov. 18, 2015 — Monday mornings could be harmful to your health. Even routine sleep changes such as waking up early for work during the week may raise the risk of developing metabolic problems such as diabetes and ... read more

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

Nov. 18, 2015 — The increasing use of testosterone replacement therapy to treat reduced testosterone level in older men has been accompanied by growing concerns over its long-term safety. The findings of two studies ... read more

Study Quantifies Risk of Cardiac Arrest in Children During Spine Surgeries

Nov. 17, 2015 — Although the vast majority of pediatric spine surgeries are safe, a handful of neuromuscular conditions seem to fuel the risk of cardiac arrest during such operations, according to new ... read more

Nov. 17, 2015 — Major depressive symptoms -- perceived stress, neuroticism, life dissatisfaction -- are associated with nearly twice the increased risk of stroke and coronary heart disease among African-Americans. ... read more

Social and Practical Barriers Keep Heart-Failure Patients from Benefits of Exercise Therapy

Nov. 17, 2015 — Lack of social support and barriers to exercise (such as lack of transportation) reduce the amount of time heart-failure patients exercise. Assessing and eliminating barriers to exercise may reduce ... read more

Impact of High-Fat Diet on Red Blood Cells May Cause Cardiovascular Disease

Nov. 16, 2015 — Researchers have discovered the negative impact a high fat diet has on red blood cells and how these cells, in turn, promote the development of cardiovascular ... read more

Nov. 16, 2015 — Lowering the body's temperature in cardiac arrest patients with 'non-shockable' heart rhythms increases survival and brain function. Patients who received the treatment were about ... read more

Dietary Potassium May Help Prevent Kidney, Heart Problems in Diabetics

Nov. 13, 2015 — Higher levels of urinary potassium excretion, which closely correlate with intake amounts, were linked with a slower decline of kidney function and a lower incidence of cardiovascular complications ... read more

Nov. 12, 2015 — A new study of mouse cells has revealed reasons why attempts to grow stem cells to maturity in the laboratory often fail, and provided a possible way to overcome such 'developmental ... read more

Nov. 12, 2015 — It's been about a decade since the promise of COX-2 inhibitors -- drugs that relieve arthritis pain and inflammation without the gastrointestinal side effects of other painkillers -- was ... read more

Nov. 12, 2015 — A mechanical valve prosthesis has a better survival record than a biological valve prosthesis, according to a large registry study from Sweden. The finding can be highly significant, since the use of ... read more

Angina Is Linked With Abnormal Heart Blood Flow in Patients With Female-Pattern Heart Disease

Nov. 11, 2015 — Chest pain in female-pattern heart disease is linked with abnormal heart blood flow, demonstrated with a drug commonly used to alleviate chest pain patients with coronary artery disease, which was ... read more

PCI Reduces Need for Additional Drug Even When Blockages Remain

Nov. 10, 2015 — Heart patients who had undergone an angioplasty procedure that opened only some blocked arteries tended to have a resolution of their chest pain, making it unnecessary to add another medication to ... read more

Nov. 10, 2015 — Highly sensitive sensors have been successfully used to map the electrical activity of the developing heart in embryos, scientists report. The study could lead to new insight into how heart rhythm ... read more

Obese Kids Young as Age Eight Show Signs of Heart Disease

Nov. 10, 2015 — Imaging tests of obese children's hearts showed signs of heart disease, including kids as young as 8 years old. Obese children had 27 percent more muscle mass in the left ventricle of their ... read more

Short Bursts of High-Intensity Exercise Does More for Type 2 Diabetes

Nov. 10, 2015 — Short bursts of high-intensity exercise improved cholesterol, blood sugar and weight among type 2 diabetes patients more than 30 minutes of sustained, lower-intensity exercise. Burst exercise ... read more

College Football Linemen Face Greater Risk of Heart Problems

Nov. 10, 2015 — A study of freshman college athletes found participation in American-style football was associated with significant increases in systolic blood pressure. Although both football linemen and ... read more

Genes May Determine the Side Effects of Menopausal Hormone Therapy, Study Suggests

Nov. 10, 2015 — Cardiovascular disease risk in women increases after menopause and is associated with the drop in estrogen levels. Menopausal hormone therapy could slow the progression, but oral formulations also ... read more

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