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May 26, 2015

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May 26, 2015

Honesty Can Keep Companies' Stock Prices Up During Hard Times

May 26, 2015 — Honesty is the best policy, and a new study finds that companies can benefit when they publicly accept the blame for poor performance. Just taking responsibility, however, is not the entire solution, ... read more

Emoticons May Signal Better Customer Service ;)

May 21, 2015 — Online customer service agents who use emoticons and who are fast typists may have a better chance of putting smiles on their customers' faces during business-related text chats, according to ... read more

Do CEOs Deserve All the Attention They Get? New Research Provides Answers

May 20, 2015 — Media interest in CEOs has soared to stratospheric heights in recent years, with the likes of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs becoming household names. But do corporate top dogs deserve all that attention? ... read more

Pressure to Expand Is Crucial Key to Firms' Success

May 20, 2015 — A researcher who studies the intersection of economics, evolutionary theory and philosophy has found that strong culture among a business' employees is only important if the business itself ... read more

Natural Sounds Improve Mood and Productivity

May 19, 2015 — Playing natural sounds such as flowing water in offices could boosts worker moods and improve cognitive abilities in addition to providing speech privacy, according to a new ... read more

Credit Cards a Valuable Option for Farmers' Markets

May 19, 2015 — Farmers' markets wanting to increase purchases by customers should consider accepting more than just cash or checks as payment, according to ... read more

Nudge, Don't Judge, Shoplifters

May 19, 2015 — Specially designed shopping centers geared at encouraging shoplifters to think twice before they commit a crime are the way forward, according to ... read more

Corporate Greed: That Gut Feeling You Have About Your CEO Is Spot on

May 15, 2015 — Researchers tested the assumption that self-interest is a universal trait of CEOs, showed that too much altruism can harm company performance, revealed the dark, self-destructive tendencies of some ... read more

Offline TV Ads Prompt Potential Online Purchases by Multitaskers

May 15, 2015 — Many television advertisers fear that distracted viewers -- frenetic multitaskers using smartphones, laptops and tablets while viewing TV -- are less receptive to advertisers' messages. A new ... read more

Model Predicts Which Delinquent Credit Card Holders Will Pay

May 14, 2015 — A way to accurately predict which delinquent credit card accounts will repay an outstanding balance has been created by researchers. Banks need to know which accounts are worth spending money on -- ... read more

Adventures in Car Buying: Marketing Experts Analyze Sales Talks

May 13, 2015 — There’s a lot one can learn about the human psyche at a car dealer’s. This is where the allegedly shady dealer meets the self-proclaimed tough bargainer. Researchers analyzed sales talk and help ... read more

Learning Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business Is a Matter of Adequate Training

May 13, 2015 — The capacity to think and act in entrepreneurial terms is present in many people -- unbeknown to most of them. Action-oriented entrepreneurship training sessions can unlock dormant potential and ... read more

Is It Time to Ditch Annual Performance Reviews?

May 11, 2015 — Most of us have had annual or semi-annual formal performance reviews, but psychologists reinforce, in a new article, the importance of continuous feedback on employee performance, and how the social ... read more

Vying for Seats in the C-Suite: Marketing and PR's Focus Is Too Narrow, Study Finds

May 11, 2015 — Corporate communicators and marketing teams often compete to be in the C-suite, according to a new study. But 'so few seats exist that it's often 'either/or,' said a researcher ... read more

Seven in 10 Take Early Pension Payout

May 12, 2015 — As governments and corporations around the world face pension shortfalls, a groundbreaking study in Croatia by a team of US researchers explores the likelihood and circumstances under which people ... read more

Baiting the Hook: The Science of Attracting and Keeping Online Grocery Shoppers

May 7, 2015 — A study of the multichannel UK grocery shopping environment recently yielded insights that will be useful for retailers with an online channel or considering adding one to their customers' ... read more

New Framework for Integrating and Measuring Health and Safety Programs in the Workplace

May 5, 2015 — The overall well-being of American workers could be significantly improved through adoption of a new framework for integrating health and safety strategies in the workplace -- including use of a ... read more

Buyers' Readiness to Take Risk Is Top Cause for Volatility in US House Prices

May 7, 2015 — Consumer willingness to take chances with their money in large part triggers fluctuations in housing prices, a study concludes. Researchers used a dynamic factor model to boil down the price-rent ... read more

I'll Have What She's Having: How Peers Influence the Adoption of New Sales Channel

May 7, 2015 — Marketing campaigns focused on social media and socioeconomic groupings are likely to give the greatest boost to disruptive new channels, but help propel new brick-and-mortar venues as well, a study ... read more

Employers Prefer Male Managerial Potential to Female Proven Track Record

May 6, 2015 — Male job applicants who are perceived to have high levels of leadership potential are rated as a better employment prospect than a female applicant with prove leadership track ... read more

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