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May 7, 2015

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May 7, 2015

Viewing Violent News on Social Media Can Cause Trauma

May 6, 2015 — Viewing violent news events via social media can cause people to experience symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder ... read more

Child Behavior Is Worse When Dads Feel Unsupported

May 6, 2015 — Children are more likely to display troublesome behavior in families in which the father feels unsupported by his ... read more

May 6, 2015 — Shifting to renewable energy sources has been widely touted as one of the best ways to fight climate change, but even renewable energy can have a downside, as in the case of wind turbines' ... read more

Comprehensive Stroke Centers May Improve Bleeding Stroke Survival

May 6, 2015 — People with brain bleeds are more likely to survive if they're treated at a comprehensive stroke center. Comprehensive stroke centers have the equipment and personnel to deal with the most ... read more

Parents Often Misperceive Their Obese Children as 'About the Right Weight'

May 6, 2015 — Although rates of childhood obesity have risen over the last several decades, a vast majority of parents perceive their kids as “about the right weight,” according to new research. The authors ... read more

Using Fresh Whole Blood Lowers Childrens' Donor Exposure Risk in Heart Surgery

May 6, 2015 — Children who undergo heart surgery are better off receiving fresh whole blood transfusions from a single donor, rather than receiving component blood from multiple donors. Limiting donor exposures ... read more

May 6, 2015 — A long-standing mystery about the origin of one of the cell types that make up the ovary has been solved by researchers. The team also discovered how ovarian cells share information during ... read more

May 6, 2015 — Good management has brought the $559 million United States sea scallop fishery back from the brink of collapse over the past 20 years. However, its current fishery management plan does not account ... read more

Researchers Reverse Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics in Lab

May 6, 2015 — The rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a growing problem in the United States and the world. New findings by researchers in evolutionary biology and mathematics could help doctors better ... read more

Plant Toxin Causes Biliary Atresia in Animal Model

May 6, 2015 — A new study is a classic example of how seemingly unlikely collaborators can come together to make surprising discoveries. An international team of gastroenterologists, pediatricians, natural ... read more

May 6, 2015 — Habitat connectivity and corridors may play an important role in maintaining gene flow between isolated sloth bear populations in central ... read more

May 6, 2015 — Diets of snakes from a temperate region in South America may depend more on phylogeny (ancestry) than ... read more

May 6, 2015 — A new tool ranks the vitality of a fishery by looking at its economic and community benefits as well as its ecological health. Since 2010, researchers have visited and studied fisheries ranging from ... read more

May 6, 2015 — Wildlife biologists are describing conditions at the sea lion rookeries on the Channel Islands, where pups are going hungry because unusually warm water along the Pacific coast has made it more ... read more

When Mom Gains Too Much Weight During Pregnancy, Her Child Is More Likely to Be Obese

May 6, 2015 — A new study has found that when an expecting mother gains more weight than recommended, does not exercise or smokes during pregnancy, the probability that her child will be overweight or obese at the ... read more

May 6, 2015 — Technology in common household humidifiers could enable the next wave of high-tech medical imaging and targeted medicine, thanks to a new method for making tiny silicone microspheres. The researchers ... read more

Fecal Microbiota Transplant Cures C. Diff, Blocks Multi-Drug Resistant Pathogens, Study Shows

May 6, 2015 — A fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) not only cured a case of Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection in a 66 year old man; it eliminated populations of multi-drug resistant organisms both in the ... read more

May 6, 2015 — Geologists have tapped water in surface rocks to show how magma forms deep underground and produces explosive volcanoes in the Cascade ... read more

A Better Way to Build DNA Scaffolds: Long, Custom-Designed DNA Strands

May 6, 2015 — Imagine taking strands of DNA - the material in our cells that determines how we look and function - and using it to build tiny structures that can deliver drugs to targets within the body or take ... read more

Brain Chemical May Offer New Clues in Treating Chronic Pain

May 6, 2015 — A chemical in the brain typically associated with cognition, movement and reward-motivation behavior -- among others -- may also play a role in promoting chronic pain, according to new research. The ... read more

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