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October 5, 2015

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October 5, 2015

Organics Energize Solar Cell Research

Oct. 1, 2015 — Scientists are using a new supercomputer to advance next-generation solar energy technologies by probing the functional interfaces found in organic and hybrid solar ... read more

Oct. 1, 2015 — Researchers have developed a smart walker prototype that supports independent living among the elderly by making the traditional walker smart. They have retrofitted it with sensors and digital ... read more

Sep. 28, 2015 — A lab in a needle device has been created by researchers that could provide instant results to routine lab tests, accelerating treatment and diagnosis by ... read more

Sep. 28, 2015 — A new study puts us closer to do-it-yourself spray-on solar cell technology—promising third-generation solar cells utilizing a nanocrystal ink deposition that could make traditional expensive ... read more

Sep. 26, 2015 — Researchers have found automated and human verification for voice-based user authentication vulnerable, and explore how an attacker in possession of voice audio samples could compromise a victim’s ... read more

Sep. 25, 2015 — To provide a means for both comparing and selecting energy-harvesting nanogenerators for specific applications, the research group that pioneered the triboelectric nanogenerator technology has now ... read more

Calibrated Compact Model Library for Silicon Photonics Platform

Oct. 3, 2015 — The calibrated library of compact models will enable improved accuracy and reliability in photonic integrated circuit design and ... read more

Sep. 23, 2015 — Chemists have fabricated a novel nanosheet-based photonic crystal that changes color in response to moisture. The new material could form the basis for humidity-sensitive contactless control of ... read more

Sep. 23, 2015 — Asimple approach to synthesize novel environmentally friendly manganese dioxide ink by using glucose has been developed by a group of ... read more

Sep. 23, 2015 — Scientists have developed a wearable liquid-based microfluidic tactile sensor that is small, thin, highly flexible and durable. Simple and cost-effective to produce, this novel device is very ... read more

Sep. 23, 2015 — When it comes to recording accurate performance data for elite athletes, GPS technology can't keep up, a researcher claims. Instead researchers have developed SABEL Sense, an alternative to GPS ... read more

Sep. 22, 2015 — Researchers have now developed a new type of thin film transistor that's significantly faster than its predecessors -- an important step toward speeding up image display on devices like TVs and ... read more

Sep. 22, 2015 — The first all-optical permanent on-chip memory has been developed. This is an important step on the way towards optical computers. Phase change materials that change their optical properties ... read more

Sep. 22, 2015 — Invention of the first integrated circularly polarized light detector on a silicon chip opens the door for development of small, portable sensors could expand the use of polarized light for drug ... read more

Sep. 21, 2015 — Researchers have designed new multimaterial printheads that mix and print concentrated viscoelastic inks that allow for the simultaneous control of composition and geometry during printing. Using ... read more

Sep. 21, 2015 — Researchers have demonstrated working electronic circuits that have been produced in a radically new way, using methods that resemble Darwinian evolution. The size of these circuits is comparable to ... read more

Sep. 21, 2015 — Imagine a 'smart pill' that can sense problems in your intestines and actively release the appropriate drugs. We have the biological understanding to create such a device, but we're ... read more

Sep. 21, 2015 — Light, sound, and now, heat -- just as optical invisibility cloaks can bend and diffract light to shield an object from sight, and specially fabricated acoustic metamaterials can hide an object from ... read more

Sep. 21, 2015 — Researchers have created a synthetic material out of 1 billion tiny magnets. Astonishingly, it now appears that the magnetic properties of this so-called metamaterial change with the temperature, so ... read more

Physicists Defy Conventional Wisdom to Identify Ferroelectric Material

Sep. 17, 2015 — In a discovery that could open new pathways to find new materials for nanotechnology devices, physicists have found ferroelectricity could be induced in a thin sheet of strontium titanate. The ... read more

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