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Garter snake

A garter snake, or garden snake, or gardner snake, is any species of North American snake within the genus Thamnophis.

Garter snakes are extremely common across North America, from Canada to Central America, an everyday find in gardens.

They are the single most widely distributed species of reptile in North America, and in fact, the common garter snake, T. sirtalis, is the only species of snake to be found in Alaska.

The genus is so far ranging due to its unparticular diet and adaptability to different biomes and landforms, from marshes to hillsides to drainage ditches and even vacant lots, in both dry and wet regions, with varying proximity to water and rivers.

Northern populations hibernate in larger groups than southern ones.

Despite the decline in their population from collection as pets, pollution of aquatic areas, and introduction of bullfrogs and bass as predators, this is still a very commonly found snake.

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