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December 9, 2016

Over 700 newly recognized bird species have been assessed for the latest update of The IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM, and 11% of them are threatened with extinction. The update also reveals a ... read more
Evolution is working hard to rescue some urban fish from a lethal, human-altered environment, according to a study. Atlantic killifish living in four polluted East Coast estuaries have adapted to ... read more
New genetic research suggests that smallpox, a pathogen that caused millions of deaths worldwide, may not be an ancient disease but a much more ... read more
Researchers have discovered a dinosaur tail complete with its feathers trapped in a piece of amber. The finding helps fill in details of the dinosaurs' feather structure and ... read more
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Health News
December 9, 2016

Researchers have used the simplest approach yet to produce artificial beta cells from human kidney cells. Like their natural model, the artificial cells act as both sugar sensors and insulin ... read more
The rhythm of breathing creates electrical activity in the human brain that enhances emotional judgments and memory recall, scientists have discovered for the first time. These effects on behavior ... read more
New research suggests that periods of fasting or starvation may significantly shorten the lifespans of both children and their male ... read more
A new investigational drug originally developed for type 2 diabetes is being readied for human clinical trials in search of the world's first ... read more
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Physical/Tech News
December 9, 2016

An international team of scientists has succeeded in making further improvements to the lifetime of superconducting quantum circuits. An important prerequisite for the realization of high-performance ... read more
Analysis of a giant new galaxy survey suggests that dark matter may be less dense and more smoothly distributed throughout space than previously thought. An international team used data from the Kilo ... read more
What will happen to Earth when, in a few billion years' time, the sun is a hundred times bigger than it is today? Using the most powerful radio telescope in the world, an international team of ... read more
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has sent to Earth its first views of Saturn's atmosphere since beginning the latest phase of its mission. The new images show scenes from high above Saturn's northern ... read more
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Environment News
December 9, 2016

An extinct mammal relative harbored a benign tumor made up of miniature, tooth-like structures, paleontologists report. The tumor, a compound odontoma, is common to mammals today. But this animal ... read more
Hummingbirds' ability to accelerate and turn diminishes at high altitudes, but it isn't a lack of oxygen to the body that limits the birds' performance -- it's ... read more
Researchers find a bacterium 1,000 feet underground (called Paenibacillus) that is resistant to 18 different antibiotics and uses identical methods of defense as similar species found in soils. The ... read more
A study of the longest-living animal on Earth, the quahog clam, has provided researchers with an unprecedented insight into the history of the ... read more
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Society/Education News
December 9, 2016

Relaxing with a joint around children is not very wise. Not only do youngsters inhale harmful secondary smoke in the process, but the psychoactive chemicals in the drug are taken up by their bodies ... read more
Many people are prone to 'remembering' events that never happened, according to new ... read more
Mosquito populations have increased as much as ten-fold over the past five decades in New York, New Jersey, and California, according to long-term datasets from mosquito monitoring programs. The ... read more
Over the last few decades, an age-old infectious disease has been re-emerging globally: syphilis. Using techniques to analyze low levels of DNA, an international research team has now shown that all ... read more
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