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September 29, 2023

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Psychological loss can occur when someone loses a job, loses a sense of control or safety or when a spouse dies. Such loss, which erodes well-being and negatively impacts quality of life, may be a common experience but little is known about the ...
New research finds fruit flies make decisions based on their expectations about the likelihood of a reward and pinpoints the site in the fly brain where these value adjustments are made, enabling researchers to directly test a theory about how the ...
Even without a central brain, jellyfish can learn from past experiences like humans, mice, and flies, scientists report for the first time. They trained Caribbean box jellyfish (Tripedalia cystophora) to learn to spot and dodge obstacles. The study ...
A new study shows that human instruction is still necessary to detect and compensate for unintended, and sometimes negative, changes in neurosurgeon behavior after virtual reality AI training. This finding has implications for other fields of ...

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A new study has found that people can learn to use supernumerary robotic arms as effectively as working with a partner in just one hour of ...

It's human nature to be judgmental. But why do we place less blame on someone, or give more praise, if we find out that person had a history of suffering in childhood? In a recent study, ...

Train elementary school students how to be creative and you can help increase their resilience in the face of real-life problems, new research ...

Researchers model and map how neurons across the tiny brain of a C. elegans worm encode its behaviors, revealing many new insights about the robustness and flexibility of its nervous ...

New animal research suggests that little-studied brain cells known as astrocytes are major players in controlling sleep need and may someday help humans go without sleep for longer without negative ...

Somatostatin, a signaling molecule produced by many inhibitory neurons in the brain, broadly dampens communication among a variety of cell types in the prefrontal cortex and promotes exploratory and ...


Obesity leads to altered energy metabolism and reduced insulin sensitivity of cells. The so-called 'anti-obesity drugs' are increasingly used to treat obesity and have caused tremendous ...

Humans like to discover. Presented with something we've never seen before, most of us will be compelled to explore and learn more about it. The same can't exactly be said for our closest ...

Researchers are developing a way to incorporate one of the most human of characteristics -- uncertainty -- into machine learning ...

Scientists studied the behavior of the locusts and how the neurons in their brains responded to appealing and unappealing odors to learn more about how the brain encodes for preferences and how it ...

One of the most actively debated questions about human and non-human culture is this: under what circumstances might we expect culture, in particular the ability to learn from one another, to be ...

Researchers have demonstrated that self-organization of neurons as they 'learn' follows a mathematical theory called the free energy principle. The principle accurately predicted how real ...


A person's own behavior is the primary driver of how they treat others during brief, zero-sum-game competitions, researchers report. Generous people tend to reward generous behavior and selfish ...

An evaluation of 17 previously published studies suggests that exposure to lead in the womb or in childhood is associated with an increased risk of engaging in criminal behavior in adulthood -- but ...

The artificial intelligence language model GPT-3 performed as well as college students in solving certain logic problems like those that appear on standardized tests. The researchers who conducted ...

To study play behaviors in animals, scientists must be able to authentically simulate play-conducive environments in the laboratory. Animals like rats are less inclined to play if they are anxious or ...

How does the brain adapt our behavior in response to an infection or injury? Scientists have revealed the existence of a circuit involved in sensing and also in the regulation of the ...

More than 1.4 million times a year, people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia end up in emergency care, a new study shows, accounting for nearly 7% of all emergency visits for ...

Researchers have uncovered remarkable new insights into the neural pathways of the brain that allow people to act to regulate their body temperature in response to changes in the environment. Their ...

Scientists have discovered that the genes required for learning, memory, aggression and other complex behaviors originated around 650 million years ...

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