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April 15, 2024

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Undertaking the majority of daily physical activity in the evening is linked to the greatest health benefits for people living with obesity, according to researchers who followed the trajectory of 30,000 people over almost 8 ...
Adults with heart disease risks who received daily reminders or incentives to become more active increased their daily steps by more than 1,500 after a year, and many were still sticking with their ...
A study confirms the concerns raised in the public domain about how young people's decreased fitness may affect their future work ability. The association of low youth cardiorespiratory fitness and ...
Forming a long-term recreational exercise habit as a young person has a beneficial impact on physical and mental health later in life, but some groups, such as females and academic high-achievers, miss out on these benefits ...

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A new study shows there is a gender gap between women and men when it comes to exercise. The findings show that women can exercise less often than men, yet receive greater cardiovascular ...

The efficiency of oxygen supply to tissues is a factor in the severity of important diseases such as Covid-19 and heart conditions. Scientists already know that the relationship between the length of ...

School uniforms could be restricting young people from being active, particularly primary school-aged girls, according to a new study. The study used data about the physical activity of more than a ...

A new study has demonstrated the impact resistance exercise training can have in the treatment of anxiety and depressive ...

Unexplained rapid weight loss in older people could be a sign of underlying disease and can be linked with increased risk of falls and fractures, as well as a poorer long-term ...

Researchers found that when mice were fed a high-fat diet, mitochondria within their fat cells broke apart and were less able to burn fat, leading to weight gain. They also found they could reverse ...

A new study explored whether practicing self-compassion -- or treating oneself with the same care and kindness that people typically offer to their loved ones -- helps people become more resilient to ...

Obesity is a problem in the United States. In fact, 42.5% of U.S. adults aged 20 and over have the disease. Not only is obesity the nation's second leading cause of preventable death (behind ...

A new study finds that very few patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are able to achieve normal blood glucose levels through weight loss ...

Unintentional weight loss is associated with an increase in the risk of a cancer diagnosis within the coming year, according to a new study. Compared with participants who did not lose weight, recent ...

Violinists, surgeons and gamers can benefit from physical exercise both before and after practicing their new skills. The same holds true for anyone seeking to improve their fine motor ...

A study has found that older adults who exercise with their spouse achieve lower physical activity levels than older adults without their spouse. In a study of 240 participants in Singapore aged 54 ...

Approximately one in three deaths in the U.S. is caused by cardiovascular disease, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. New research indicates that splitting the ...

A study exploring the mechanisms behind why cognitive performance improves in response to exercise, has found that dopamine plays a key ...

Chronic pain can present in multiple forms for multiple sclerosis patients. Some forms make it harder to stay active than ...

Brown fat cells convert energy into heat -- a key to eliminating unwanted fat deposits. In addition, they also protect against cardiovascular diseases. Researchers have now identified the protein ...

A new study to motivate your New Year's resolutions: it demonstrates that high-fat diets negatively impact genes linked not only to obesity, colon cancer and irritable bowels, but also to the ...

Increased sedentary time as a child through adolescence is directly linked to childhood obesity, but new research has found light physical activity may completely reverse the adverse ...

A new study has demonstrate that the ingestion of two of the most commercially available algal species are rich in protein which supports muscle remodeling in young healthy adults. Their findings ...

Increased sedentary time in childhood can raise cholesterol levels by two thirds as an adult, leading to heart problems and even premature death -- but a new study has found light physical activity ...

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