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May 1, 2016

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May 1, 2016

Sedentary Lifestyle Associated With Coronary Artery Calcium, Researchers Find

Apr. 27, 2016 — Sedentary behavior is associated with increased amounts of calcium deposits in heart arteries, which in turn is associated with a higher risk of heart attack, cardiologists have ... read more

Apr. 20, 2016 — Among adults 60 years of age or more, walking is the most common form of leisure-time physical activity because it is self-paced, low impact and does not require equipment. Researchers have ... read more

Greek Dancing Improves Jumping Ability of Elderly Heart Failure Patients

Apr. 14, 2016 — Greek dancing improves the jumping ability of elderly patients with heart failure, according to new ... read more

Visualizing, Predicting Evolution by Mapping the Elusive 'Fitness Landscape'

Apr. 14, 2016 — Suppose you were trying to design a vaccine to combat next season's influenza virus. Having a detailed map that tells you exactly how various strains of the flu bug will evolve would be ... read more

Antihistamines Affect Exercise Recovery, May or May Not Be a Problem

Apr. 14, 2016 — After vigorous exercise, some 3,000 genes go to work to aid recovery by boosting muscles and blood vessels, but in the presence of high doses of antihistamines almost 27 percent of the gene response ... read more

Testosterone Therapy Decreases Hospital Readmissions in Older Men With Low Testosterone

Apr. 13, 2016 — Older men using testosterone therapy were less likely to have complications that require them to go back to the hospital within a month of being discharged than men not using this therapy, a new ... read more

How Depression May Compound Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Apr. 12, 2016 — Depression may compound the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in people with such early warning signs of metabolic disease as obesity, high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels, according ... read more

Children of Older Mothers Do Better

Apr. 12, 2016 — The benefits associated with being born in a later year outweigh the biological risks associated with being born to an older ... read more

Apr. 11, 2016 — Researchers followed ultra-marathon runners around the world to test whether low-cost paper tape could reduce debilitating and painful blisters. Turns out they can, the researchers ... read more

Perk Yourself Up With Some Exercise

Apr. 8, 2016 — We’re all aware of the physical advantages of exercising and the emotional advantages have also been well-documented. But how much do we know about the psychological impact of engaging in physical ... read more

Run for Your Life: Exercise Protects Against Cancer

Apr. 7, 2016 — When you’re pounding along an icy pavement or sweating through a gym workout, you try to remind yourself of the many health benefits of exercise. Between gasps, you can say that a healthy, fit ... read more

Food Should Be Labelled With 'Activity Equivalent' Calorie Information

Apr. 6, 2016 — Food should be labelled with the equivalent exercise to expend its calories to help people change their behavior, argues an expert. Symbols could show the minutes of several different physical ... read more

For Young People With Schizophrenia, Physical and Mental Exercises Offer Hope

Apr. 6, 2016 — Researchers have found a promising way to tackle the cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia. When combined with antipsychotic medication, a rigorous regime of mental and physical exercise ... read more

Exercise Reduces Cardiovascular Risk Factors From Constant Stress

Apr. 5, 2016 — Constant stress is associated with signs of poor blood vessel health and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. New research finds that aerobic exercise kept the blood vessels of stressed rats ... read more

Presently Recommended Exercise Levels May Be Much More Than Needed for Significant Health Benefits

Apr. 5, 2016 — International physical activity guidelines generally recommend 150 minutes a week of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity, but a critical review of the literature indicates that just half ... read more

Apr. 4, 2016 — Some of the simplest, safest lessons to help adolescents combat obesity may be raising their awareness of what they are eating and whether they are even hungry, researchers ... read more

Liraglutide May Help Nondiabetic Overweight and Obese Adults Lose Weight and Lower Risks

Apr. 4, 2016 — For people with prediabetes who are overweight or obese, adding 3.0 mg of liraglutide for three years to a diet and exercise plan may lead to major health improvements, new industry-sponsored ... read more

In Some Men, Taking Testosterone While Dieting May Help Lose Fat, Not Muscle

Apr. 4, 2016 — In obese middle-aged men, losing weight while dieting normally depletes both fat and muscle. But adding testosterone treatment may help them lose only fat and retain their muscle, new research ... read more

Do More Uphill Sprints! Higher Anaerobic Fitness Gives Edge to Mountain Ultra-Marathon Runners

Apr. 3, 2016 — New research suggests a runner’s pre-race anaerobic fitness capacity may be a key factor in determining who will have the fastest finishing times during grueling 50 km (31 mile) mountain ... read more

Elevated Troponin Linked to Mental Stress Ischemia in Heart Disease Patients

Apr. 3, 2016 — People with heart disease who experience mental stress induced-ischemia tend to have higher levels of troponin -- a protein whose presence in the blood that is a sign of recent damage to the heart ... read more

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