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March 24, 2017

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March 24, 2017

When People Prepare for Conflict, Dominant Leaders Take the Stage

Mar. 23, 2017 — One popular theory holds that dominant leaders are supported by those who fear new situations and threats. However, new research shows that support for dominant leaders is not born of fear, but of a ... read more

The Global Tobacco Control Treaty Has Reduced Smoking Rates in Its First Decade, but More Work Is Needed

Mar. 22, 2017 — Despite worldwide progress since the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC) came into effect in 2005, not all key demand-reduction measures have been fully implemented at the same ... read more

Having a Laugh With Recruitment

Mar. 21, 2017 — Can humour on social media help managers find the most appropriate candidates for the job vacancies they hope to fill? Researchers suggest that humorous recruitment campaigns can increase exposure ... read more

Mar. 21, 2017 — Older mothers are less likely to punish and scold their children while raising them, and that the children have fewer behavioral, social and emotional difficulties, according to a recent ... read more

How Can a Legally Binding Agreement on Human Cloning Be Established?

Mar. 21, 2017 — Since Dolly the Sheep was cloned, the question of whether human reproductive cloning should be banned or pursued has been the subject of international debate. Researchers argue that a robust global ... read more

Mar. 21, 2017 — Tim Horton's tops the list: researchers studied data on cardiac arrest locations in Toronto to draft a list of 'top 10' businesses where placing automated external defibrillators would ... read more

Mar. 20, 2017 — With some help from 3-D printing, a UC Davis mathematician is trying to crack a problem that frustrates both mathematicians and furniture movers: What's the largest sofa you can fit round a ... read more

Better Policy Needed to Protect Privacy of Smart TV Viewers

Mar. 20, 2017 — Dutch and European policymakers should do more to protect media users’ privacy instead of leaving the matter entirely to data protection law and data protection authorities, recommend privacy ... read more

Abortion Restriction May Have New Momentum After 40 Years of Pervading Policy

Mar. 20, 2017 — Originally a single-sentence prohibition on Medicaid funding for abortion, the Hyde Amendment has provided the blueprint for ever-expanding prohibitions on public expenditure for the ... read more

Unforeseen Impacts of the Fair Trade Movement

Mar. 20, 2017 — Fair trade certified coffee is the kind of phrase that sounds good on a Whole Foods shelf, merging first world affluence with third world resource. For the average consumer, it implies fairness in ... read more

Critical Thinking Instruction in Humanities Reduces Belief in Pseudoscience

Mar. 20, 2017 — A recent study finds that teaching critical thinking skills in a humanities course significantly reduces student beliefs in 'pseudoscience' that is unsupported by ... read more

Tweeting in Times of Emergency

Mar. 20, 2017 — US researchers have assessed the impact of Twitter on the reach and efficacy of information sharing by a global disaster response organization, the Red Cross/Red ... read more

Mar. 20, 2017 — What can the forests of Scandinavia possibly offer to migrants in faraway refugee camps? Clean water may be one thing, suggests a new ... read more

Liquid Storage of Solar Energy: More Effective Than Ever Before

Mar. 20, 2017 — Researchers have demonstrated efficient solar energy storage in a chemical liquid. The stored energy can be transported and then released as heat whenever needed, they ... read more

Transport Systems Face Disruption by Extreme Weather

Mar. 20, 2017 — Extreme weather conditions due to climate change pose a new threat to aging infrastructure, and authors of a new report, we need to be better ... read more

Canadian Academics Urged to Strengthen Ties to US Peers in Face of Trump Travel Ban

Mar. 20, 2017 — In the face of the Trump travel ban, academics must strengthen, rather than sever, ties to the United States, suggests a Canadian ... read more

First Global Guidance for HPV Vaccination for Cervical Cancer Prevention

Mar. 17, 2017 — A clinical practice guideline on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination has been released for the prevention of cervical ... read more

Patients' Annual Financial Burden Under Medicare Part D Is 'Too Much Too Soon'

Mar. 17, 2017 — A study documents the patient out-of-pocket cost burden under Medicare prescription drug plans (known as Medicare Part D) and finds that despite having insurance, Medicare patients using specialty ... read more

Nanotube Film May Resolve Longevity Problem of Challenger Solar Cells

Mar. 17, 2017 — Researchers have lengthened the lifetime of perovskite solar cells by using nanotube film to replace the gold used as the back contact and the organic material in the hole ... read more

From Entanglement to Invasions of Alien Species: The Harm Caused by Marine Litter

Mar. 17, 2017 — Marine litter is a threat to the marine ecosystem, human health and economic activities. A new report sheds light on the many effects of litter in our oceans, and highlights the severity and scale of ... read more

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