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Cold and Flu News

April 13, 2024

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Findings show a newly created drug can prevent runaway inflammation while still allowing the immune system to handle the virus, even when given late into ...
Researchers have developed a new vaccine that offers broad protection against not only SARS-CoV-2 variants, but also other bat sarbecoviruses. The groundbreaking trivalent vaccine has shown complete protection with no trace of virus in the lungs, ...
Humans pass on more viruses to domestic and wild animals than we catch from them, according to a major new analysis of viral ...
New research finds a direct communication path between the lungs and the brain which may change the way we treat respiratory infections and chronic conditions. The lungs are using the same sensors and neurons in the pain pathway to let the brain ...

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U.S. flu vaccines are likely to move from quadrivalent to trivalent due to a change in circulating influenza viruses, according to a new ...

The prospect of the worrisome triple threat of COVID, RSV and flu was assuaged last year by the effectiveness of flu vaccines. Two recent studies from the Centers for Disease Control and ...

Researchers have shed new light on how viral evolution, population immunity, and the co-circulation of other flu viruses shape seasonal flu ...

The ability to detect diseases at an early stage or even predict their onset would be of tremendous benefit to doctors and patients alike. A research team now develops intelligent, miniaturized ...

Influenza A viruses with induced resistance to a new candidate antiviral drug were found to be impaired in cell culture and weakened in animals, according to a new ...

Virus family history could help scientists identify which strains have potential to become the so-called Disease X that causes the next global ...

Using a DNA-based delivery particle, researchers created a vaccine that can induce a strong antibody response against ...

The composition of microbiota found in the gut influences how susceptible mice are to respiratory virus infections and the severity of these ...

An exhalation delivery system that uses a patient's own breath to carry the anti-inflammatory compound fluticasone (EDS-FLU) directly to the sinuses reduced chronic sinus infection (sinusitis) ...

Imagine a vaccine that speeds up the production of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that spreads COVID-19. A research team has developed such a vaccine by using preexisting immunity to a ...

Cold, flu and COVID-19 season brings that now-familiar ritual: swab, wait, look at the result. But what if, instead of taking 15 minutes or more, a test could quickly determine whether you have ...

Scientists have long known that some viruses and bacteria begin infections by latching first onto sugar molecules on the surfaces of cells lining the sinuses and throat of mammals, including humans. ...

Researchers have developed a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) system that can rapidly detect COVID-19 from chest X-rays with more than 98 percent ...

Researchers have identified a previously unrecognized class of antibodies -- immune system proteins that protect against disease -- that appear capable of neutralizing multiple forms of flu virus. ...

New research comparing the viruses that cause the flu and COVID-19 shows that people hospitalized with seasonal influenza also can suffer long-term, negative health effects, especially involving ...

In order for immune cells to do their job, they need to know against whom they should direct their attack. Research teams a have identified new details in this ...

Researchers investigated a novel strategy to neutralize human noroviruses. They tested the ability of tiny antibodies produced by llamas, called nanobodies, to effectively neutralize human norovirus ...

Scientists report a promising new approach to speed vaccine testing for ...

Parents who send their children to child care can breathe a little easier. New research shows that children in daycare were not significant spreaders of ...

Despite national medical guidelines supporting the use of antiviral medications in young children diagnosed with influenza, a new study reports an underuse of the ...

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