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Consumer Behavior News

February 26, 2024

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Trust, a cornerstone of human interaction, has a significant genetic component, according to new ...
How did cooperative behavior prevail in human evolution? Researchers have challenged two prevailing explanations -- repeated interactions on the one hand or group competition on the other. Instead, ...
New research used brain scanning technology to understand the effect of advertisements that try to sell products with talking versions of themselves. The work suggests that that anthromorphic ...
Elderly adults lose billions to financial scams by people they trust every year. New psychological research suggests this vulnerability could be linked to older adults' overrliance on initial ...
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In a survey involving a total of 2,472 respondents, researchers asked participants about nonpolitical and political moral behavior and nonpolitical and political moral tolerance. They found people ...

Having more women in agriculture is associated with greater community well-being, according to researchers. Their work suggests that women farmers approach their operations in ways that positively ...

Recent research has found that backers of crowdfunding projects participate, in part, because they enjoy a sense of indirect success and the feeling that they are contributing to something bigger ...

New research finds fruit flies make decisions based on their expectations about the likelihood of a reward and pinpoints the site in the fly brain where these value adjustments are made, enabling ...

When people feel that their resources are scarce -- that they don't have enough money or time to meet their needs -- they often make decisions that favor short-term gains over long-term ...

When choosing their behavior in socially difficult situations, anxious people use a less suitable section of the forebrain than people who are not ...

A person's own behavior is the primary driver of how they treat others during brief, zero-sum-game competitions, researchers report. Generous people tend to reward generous behavior and selfish ...

As we start to edge out of winter, improving our diet and boosting our exercise start to appear on our agenda. But, when it comes to encouraging a healthier lifestyle, it may surprise you that ...

New research has determined that enjoying a tasting at a winery goes well beyond the sip. Scientists conducts research in the area of consumer behavior and branding with a special focus on luxury ...

Groundbreaking research is shifting the understanding of human decision-making processes by highlighting the importance of goal-oriented ...

A new study has found that aggression is not always the product of poor self-control but, instead, often can be the product of successful self-control in order to inflict greater ...

New research shows consumers' concerns about privacy when trying on clothing virtually can be reduced by making the technology versatile and easy to ...

A new study has uncovered the word properties that make slogans effective, as the researchers found that the attributes that make a slogan easier to process lead to it being more likeable but less ...

Social influence from phone communications is significant, reaching as far as four degrees of separation from the original caller, according to a new ...

'Meaning of manual labor' causes consumers to reject autonomous ...

Researchers have developed 'Dynamic Prospect Theory,' which integrates the most popular model in behavioral economics -- prospect theory and a well-established model from neuroscience -- ...

Have you ever made a decision that, in hindsight, seemed irrational? A new study with mice, which could have implications for people, suggests that some decisions are, to a certain extent, beyond ...

Privacy and security features that aim to give consumers more control over the sharing of their data by smartphone apps are widely misunderstood, shows new research from the University of Bath's ...

The Beatles famously sang, 'Money can't buy me love,' but married couples who manage their finances together may love each other longer, according to new ...

Researchers examined the interplay of environmental change and the internal and external conditions governing a venture's founding. For businesses founded in dynamic environments, they found ...

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