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May 24, 2017

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May 24, 2017

Calcium Dynamics Regulating the Timing of Decision-Making in C. Elegans

May 23, 2017 — All animals make decisions according to information, but the detailed mechanism is not known. The researchers found that, a tiny worm chooses the direction in an odor space by mathematically ... read more

Fostering Motivation Could Help Keep Marginalized Girls in School

May 17, 2017 — A field study in Malawi reveals psychological factors played an important role in whether girls attended school, even under conditions of extreme poverty and deprivation: Girls were significantly ... read more

Breaking Down Social Networking Behavior

May 16, 2017 — New big-data analytics suggests that both an individual's economic status and how they are likely to react to issues and policies can be inferred by their position in social networks. The study ... read more

Is Our Social Media Behavior Still Influenced by Our Culture? This Is How Finns, Poles and Americans Differ

May 9, 2017 — Even though we think ourselves as global citizens, we still differ in terms of how we behave online and what motivates our behavior online.  A new study in the field of international marketing ... read more

Alcohol Marketing in Popular Movies Doubles in Past Two Decades

May 4, 2017 — Alcohol brand placements in popular movies of all ratings nearly doubled during the past two decades, new research shows, but particularly in child-rated movies. Researchers found the alcohol brands ... read more

Paying Online Community Members to Write Product Reviews Backfires Badly

May 1, 2017 — Online user reviews have become an essential tool for consumers who increasingly rely on them to evaluate products and services before purchase. The business models of online review platforms like ... read more

Opioid Abuse Drops When Doctors Check Patients' Drug History

May 1, 2017 — There's a simple way to reduce the opioid epidemic gripping the country, according to new research: Make doctors check their patients' previous ... read more

To Sell More Healthy Food, Keep It Simple

May 1, 2017 — A leading expert in changing eating behavior provides an organizing framework that proposes dozens of small, low-cost in-store changes that retailers can use to boost sales of healthy ... read more

Staking Self-Worth on the Pursuit of Money Has Negative Psychological Consequences

Apr. 27, 2017 — Although people living in consumer-based cultures such as the US often believe that they will be happier if they acquire more money, the findings of a newly published paper suggest that there may be ... read more

Wanting More Self-Control Could Hinder Our Efforts to Exert Self-Control, Study Finds

Apr. 27, 2017 — Ironically, wanting to have more self-control could actually be an obstacle to achieving it, suggests new research. It appears that the mere existence of a desire for self-control undermines ... read more

In a Neuro-Techno Future, Human Rights Laws Will Need to Be Revisited

Apr. 26, 2017 — New human rights laws to prepare for advances in neurotechnology may put the 'freedom of the mind' at ... read more

Strong Link Between Fast-Food Ads and Consumption Among Pre-Schoolers

Apr. 19, 2017 — Pre-school age children who are exposed to child-targeted fast-food advertising on television are considerably more likely to consume fast-food products, according to a recent ... read more

Understanding Decisions: The Power of Combining Psychology and Economics

Apr. 18, 2017 — A new article shows how collaborations between psychologists and economists lead to better understanding of such decisions than either discipline can on its ... read more

Think Brain Games Make You Smarter? Think Again, Researchers Say

Apr. 17, 2017 — Brain games marketed by the billion-dollar brain-training industry don't improve cognition or help prevent age-related brain decline, new research ... read more

Understanding Money Reduces Worry About Old Age

Apr. 14, 2017 — People who possess a greater understanding of finance are less likely to fret about life in their twilight years. They are also able to face off later-life's dilemmas with ease. As the first ... read more

Apr. 14, 2017 — Gambling addiction is a mental disorder characterized by excessive risk-taking despite negative results. Scientific studies using functional MRI have previously shown that addicts have altered ... read more

Struggling With Different Work Identities? Your Work May Suffer

Apr. 12, 2017 — Few people are just one person at work. You may be both a manager and an employee. Or you may be a salesperson who represents two very different brands. Now a new study suggests that how you juggle ... read more

Higher Tobacco Taxes Needed to Reduce Smoking Rates in South Asia, New Analysis Says

Apr. 11, 2017 — Higher taxes on tobacco could reduce consumption in South Asia by at least one-third and avoid 35-45 million premature deaths, concludes a new ... read more

Some Strategies to Limit Sugary Drinks May Backfire

Apr. 11, 2017 — In response to policy efforts aimed at limiting individuals' intake of sugary drinks, businesses could enact various strategies that would allow them to comply with the limits while preserving ... read more

Be More Patient? Imagine That

Apr. 4, 2017 — By using functional MRI (fMRI) to look inside the brain, neuroscientists found that imagination is a pathway toward patience. Imagining an outcome before acting upon an impulse may help increase ... read more

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