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October 2, 2023

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People frequently exposed to racial or ethnic discrimination may be more susceptible to obesity and related health risks in part because of a stress response that changes biological processes and how ...
A new drug encourages weight loss and increases endurance by making the body act like it is ...
New research has revealed a potentially important role ginger supplements can play in controlling inflammation for people living with autoimmune diseases. The research focused on studying the impact ...
Researchers have shown in a mouse model and lab cultures that a compound derived from hops reduces the abundance of a gut bacterium associated with metabolic ...

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Crustaceans, insects and mushrooms are rich sources of the dietary fiber chitin, which activates the immune system and benefits metabolism, according to a new study in ...

The ketogenic (keto) diet may lower testosterone levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), according to a new ...

Plant-based alternatives such as tempeh and bean burgers provide protein-rich options for those who want to reduce their meat consumption. However, replicating meat's flavors and aromas has ...

Resistant starch is a nondigestible fiber that ferments in the large intestine, and consumption of it has previously been shown to have a positive effect on metabolism in animal studies. Now, a ...

Red blood cells exposed to oxygen deficiency protect against myocardial infarction, according to a new study. The study also shows that the protective effect is enhanced by a nitrate-rich vegetable ...

New research has shown how a complex component of milk that can be added to infant formula has been shown to confer long-term cognitive benefits, including measures of intelligence and executive ...


Vitamin C and other antioxidants stimulate the formation of new blood vessels in lung cancer tumors, a new study shows. The discovery corroborates the idea that dietary supplements containing ...

This is a significant development that brings hope to the one billion individuals with obesity worldwide. Researchers have discovered new insights into the regulation of fat metabolism. The focus of ...

Disrupted connections between memory and appetite regulating brain circuits are directly proportional to body mass index (BMI), notably in patients who suffer from disordered or overeating that can ...

A new study found that 12% of Americans, mostly men or people aged 50-65, consume half of all beef on a given day, contributing to adverse health and environmental impacts. Educational programs ...

A new study suggests that extreme dietary habits involving carbohydrates and fats affect life expectancy. Researchers found that a low carbohydrate intake in men and a high carbohydrate intake in ...

Researchers have shown that the content of diet in yeast, rather than caloric intake, influences yeast health in later stages of their lifecycle. The different diet placed cells on a path to age ...


Adults at risk for heart disease who participated in produce prescription programs for an average of six months increased their consumption of fruits and vegetables and had reduced blood pressure, ...

In response to the low-fat craze of the 1990s, many food companies removed saturated fats from their products, only to replace them with sugars to maintain their palatability. Unfortunately, the ...

Research has brought clarity to the longstanding question of how starch granules form in the seeds of Triticeae crops -- wheat, barley, and rye -- unlocking diverse potential benefits for numerous ...

Blending certain ingredients in fruit smoothies can influence whether your body is getting a nutritional boost, finds a new ...

A bitter taste in the mouth is often a symptom or side effect of illness, which may be the result of how the body reacts to pathogens. A new study sheds light on the mechanisms involved in the ...

Preterm babies given a supplement with a combination of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have better visual function by the age of two and a ...

Researchers have discovered how high-fat diets can change gut bacteria and alter digestive molecules called bile acids that are modified by those bacteria, predisposing mice to colorectal cancer. The ...

According to a recent study, improved overall diet quality and reduced consumption of red meat, as well as increased time spent in reading and organized sports enhanced reasoning skills among ...

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