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Infant and Preschool Learning News
February 23, 2017

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More Infant and Preschool Learning News
February 23, 2017

Workshop Identifies Complex Health Problems Among Zika-Affected Infants

Feb. 20, 2017 — Children exposed to Zika virus in the womb may face complex health and developmental problems as they grow older, according to discussions at a National Institutes of Health ... read more

When Does a Man Say 'I'm the Father'?

Feb. 15, 2017 — American men much more readily acknowledge that they are the legal father of a child born out of wedlock when the woman involved is more affluent, educated, and healthy. It also helps (slightly) if ... read more

Overnights at Dad's Home Benefit Divorced Mothers, Fathers and Their Babies

Feb. 2, 2017 — When children are infants and toddlers, some parents and some prominent psychologists worry that frequent overnights at the father's home might disturb the relationship with mother. But new ... read more

How Parenting Styles Influence Our Attitudes to Marriage

Feb. 2, 2017 — Research from Japan has revealed how different parenting styles can affect marriage rates and desired number of ... read more

Early Signs of Anxiety, Depression May Be Evident in the Brains of Newborns

Feb. 1, 2017 — Early predictors of anxiety and depression may be evident in the brain even at birth, suggests a new ... read more

Jan. 26, 2017 — Babies born prematurely don't use their expectations about the world to shape their brains as babies born at full term do, important evidence that this neural process is important to ... read more

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Distinct from Other Mood Disorders, Brain Studies Suggest

Jan. 24, 2017 — On the surface, postpartum depression looks much like other forms of depression. New mothers struggling with it often withdraw from family and friends, lose their appetites, and of course, feel sad ... read more

Jan. 24, 2017 — A Utah law has led to increased early identification of infants with hearing loss due to a congenital infection, according to a new study. The study is the first to assess how implementation of a ... read more

Immigration Fears Among Latinos Can Impact Baby Size at Birth

Jan. 24, 2017 — With deportation and discrimination fears currently on the minds of many in the United States, a study shows that the stress from an historic immigration raid is associated with Latina mothers ... read more

Flat Head Syndrome Linked to Motor, Language and Cognitive Delays

Jan. 24, 2017 — Babies with flat head syndrome may be at heightened risk of developmental delays, a new study has found. The research highlights the need for early and prompt assessment and intervention. The study ... read more

Engaging Fathers in Parenting Intervention Improves Outcomes for Both Kids and Fathers

Jan. 23, 2017 — A parenting program where fathers engage with their children through reading was found to boost the fathers' parenting skills while also improving the preschoolers' school readiness and ... read more

Mapping Brain in Preemies May Predict Later Disability

Jan. 18, 2017 — Scanning a premature infant’s brain shortly after birth to map the location and volume of lesions, small areas of injury in the brain’s white matter, may help doctors better predict whether the ... read more

Maternal Micronutrients, Nurturing Environment Boost Child Development

Jan. 16, 2017 — A new study offers a recipe for parents who want smarter kids: maternal micronutrient supplements during pregnancy, early life nurturing, happy moms, and educated ... read more

Do Dogs of All Ages Respond Equally to Dog-Directed Speech?

Jan. 11, 2017 — People tend to talk to dogs as though they are human babies. A new study shows that people speak more slowly and with a higher tone to dogs of all ages -- both adults and puppies -- and that puppies ... read more

Jan. 11, 2017 — Neuroscientists have adapted their MRI scanner to make it easier to scan infants' brains as the babies watch movies featuring different types of visual ... read more

Play, Cognitive Skills in Kindergarten Predict Extracurricular Activities in Middle School

Jan. 10, 2017 — Cognitive skills and experiences like classroom-based play in kindergarten lead to participation in extracurricular activities in 8th grade among children growing up in poverty, finds a new ... read more

Jan. 9, 2017 — Even before they are born, premature babies may display alterations in the circuitry of their developing brains, according to a first-of-its kind research ... read more

Preterm Infants Fare Well in Early Language Development

Jan. 4, 2017 — Preterm babies perform as well as their full-term counterparts in a developmental task linking language and cognition, a new study has found. The study, the first of its kind with preterm infants, ... read more

Understanding the Causes of Neurological Abnormalities That Result from Premature Birth

Jan. 3, 2017 — New research shows motor abnormalities frequently associated with low birth weight babies could originate due to peripheral nerve ... read more

Parents’ Presence When TV Viewing With Child Affects Learning Ability

Jan. 3, 2017 — A study shows an increased physiological change in children when parents view programs with them as opposed to being in a separate ... read more

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