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March 29, 2017

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March 29, 2017

Can Artificial Intelligence Detect Fake News?

Mar. 27, 2017 — An artificial intelligence course has been launched that includes two projects focused on using AI to detect and combat fake news ... read more

Mar. 24, 2017 — Nothing works without proteins in the body; they are the molecular all-rounders in our cells. If they do not work properly, severe diseases, such as Alzheimer's, may result. To develop methods ... read more

Method Speeds Testing of New Networking Protocols

Mar. 22, 2017 — Researchers present a system for testing new traffic management protocols that requires no alteration to network hardware but still works at realistic speeds -- 20 times as fast as networks of ... read more

YouTube Users Be Aware: Your Viewing Habits Can Be Tracked

Mar. 15, 2017 — It's important to know that video encryption is not as secure as once thought. Google, YouTube's parent company, is not likely to patch the gaps, since it would be prohibitively expensive ... read more

Mar. 15, 2017 — The impulsive act of checking Facebook while driving, in a work meeting, or at other times that could lead to negative consequences has been linked to a deficiency in the balance between two systems ... read more

New Approach to the Quantum Measurement Problem

Mar. 15, 2017 — Quantum mechanics is a probabilistic theory that does not describe individual events. Yet when we perform a single measurement, we find a well-defined outcome. This apparent contradiction, known as ... read more

Mar. 15, 2017 — In the future, a new type of tiny redox flow battery will supply tightly packed electronic components with energy, while also dissipating the heat they produce, suggest ... read more

Mar. 14, 2017 — Sound waves could be used to hack into critical sensors in a broad array of technologies including smartphones, automobiles, medical devices and the Internet of Things, new research ... read more

Mar. 13, 2017 — With tornado season fast approaching or already underway in vulnerable states throughout the US, new supercomputer simulations are giving meteorologists unprecedented insight into the structure of ... read more

Mar. 13, 2017 — Scientists have developed a facile route to a highly magnetic material that could provide fundamental improvements to the performance of current computer ... read more

Mar. 13, 2017 — Researchers have achieved single-shot readout of three two-electron spin states of a single quantum dot. This is the first example of simultaneous detection of multiple spin states in a single ... read more

Mar. 8, 2017 — Researchers have proposed a new approach to sampling materials with weak or no magnetic fields. The method could help advance research in a host of fields, from computing to MRI ... read more

Understanding the Motion of Vortex Domain Walls in Ferromagnetic Nanowires

Mar. 7, 2017 — Almost all information that exists in contemporary society is recorded in magnetic media, like hard drive disks. Researchers are studying the motion of vortex domain walls -- local regions of charge ... read more

Mar. 13, 2017 — Scientists have invented a new technology entitled “lip motion password” (lip password) which utilizes a person’s lip motions to create a ... read more

The Darknet Protects Itself by Being More Robust Against Attacks

Mar. 6, 2017 — Researchers have discovered why cyberattacks usually fail against the Darknet, a part of the internet that guarantees users' privacy and anonymity. This hidden network is used for sensitive and ... read more

New Data Mining Resource for Organic Materials Available

Mar. 6, 2017 — A new, freely accessible database of organic and organometallic materials’ electronic structures is now available online for research with quantum ... read more

New Research Could Trigger Revolution in Computer Electronics Manufacturing

Mar. 2, 2017 — A pioneering new technique to produce cutting-edge, versatile microchips could revolutionize the speed, efficiency and capability of the next generation of ... read more

Mathematician Breaks Down How to Defend Against Quantum Computing Attacks

Feb. 28, 2017 — Newly written code, called the Generalized Knapsack Code, could thwart hackers armed with next generation quantum ... read more

Kids Want Parental Help With Online Risk, but Fear Parental Freak Outs

Feb. 28, 2017 — In a study, teens rarely talked to their parents about potentially risky online experiences. Parents and children often have much different perceptions of and reactions to the same online situations. ... read more

Online Security Apps Focus on Parental Control, Not Teen Self-Regulation

Feb. 27, 2017 — Mobile apps designed to keep teens safe online are overwhelmingly focused on parental control, which may be only a short-term solution that hinders a teen's ability to learn coping strategies in ... read more

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