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May 26, 2017

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May 26, 2017

May 15, 2017 — Electronic devices that can not only be implanted in the human body but also completely dissolve on their own – known as “bioresorbable” electronics – are envisioned by many as one of medical ... read more

Molecular Dynamics, Machine Learning Create 'Hyper-Predictive' Computer Models

May 15, 2017 — Researchers have demonstrated that molecular dynamics simulations and machine learning techniques could be integrated to create more accurate computer prediction models. These ... read more

May 15, 2017 — Researchers use a mechanical micrometer-size drum cooled close to the quantum ground state to amplify microwaves in a superconducting ... read more

Self-Healing Tech Charges Up Performance for Silicon-Containing Battery Anodes

May 15, 2017 — Researchers have found a way to apply self-healing technology to lithium-ion batteries to make them more reliable and last ... read more

May 15, 2017 — Researchers have found a way to clean particles from water by mixing in carbon dioxide. The gas changes the water's chemistry, which causes particles to move to one side of the water depending ... read more

May 12, 2017 — Modern laboratory technology cannot only help develop new medicine, but also make quicker diagnoses of higher precision. Scientists have now developed laboratory equipment that facilitates the search ... read more

May 12, 2017 — A research team has succeeded in precisely controlling the transition temperature of atomic-scale-thick superconductors using magnetic organic molecules. The team also identified the control ... read more

New 3-D Printing Method Promises Vastly Superior Medical Implants for Millions

May 10, 2017 — For the millions of people every year who have or need medical devices implanted, a new advancement in 3D printing technology developed at the University of Florida promises significantly quicker ... read more

May 10, 2017 — A recent study found that people who watched live interactions with a robot were more likely to consider the robot to have more human-like ... read more

May 10, 2017 — Scientists have created the first-ever polarization gradient in thin-film ferroelectrics, greatly expanding the range of functional temperatures for a key material used in a variety of everyday ... read more

May 10, 2017 — Researchers are developing a bio-inspired robot equipped with special chemical sensors able to detect the pH of ... read more

May 10, 2017 — The presence of just a few autonomous vehicles can eliminate the stop-and-go driving of the human drivers in traffic, along with the accident risk and fuel inefficiency it causes, according to new ... read more

New Ambulatory Monitoring Device Offers Window Into Stomach's Bioelectrical Activity

May 9, 2017 — A first-of-its-kind portable wireless device can monitor stomach motility to enable physicians to measure and ultimately better understand gastric slow wave ... read more

Virtual Reality for Psychiatric Treatment? Research Shows Promise for VR and Other Technologies in Mental Health Care

May 8, 2017 — A growing body of evidence suggests that virtual reality (VR) technology can be an effective part of treatment for phobias, posttraumatic stress disorder, and other mental health conditions, ... read more

May 8, 2017 — Scientists use the term 4-D printing to refer to the simple production of objects that can transform their shape at different times. Researchers have now taken this approach one major step further by ... read more

New Cell Separator With Humble Beginnings Could Revolutionize Medical Advances in Cancer and Alzheimer’s Research

May 8, 2017 — A new cell separator that began life as a tinfoil and epoxy glue prototype built with supplies from a University shop could revolutionise stem-cell and regenerative cell-based ... read more

May 8, 2017 — A team mimics the rich color of bird plumage and demonstrates new ways to control how light interacts with ... read more

Discovery of New Transparent Thin Film Material Could Improve Electronics and Solar Cells

May 5, 2017 — Scientists have discovered a new nano-scale thin film material with the highest-ever conductivity in its class. The new material could lead to smaller, faster, and more powerful electronics, as well ... read more

Red Light, Green Light Invention Prevents Work Interruptions

May 5, 2017 — A computer scientist has invented a unique desk light that automatically switches from green to red when you are ‘in the zone’ and shouldn’t be disturbed by ... read more

Wood Filter Removes Toxic Dye from Water

May 4, 2017 — Engineers have developed a new use for wood: to filter water. Scientists added nanoparticles to wood, then used it to filter toxic dyes from ... read more

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