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May 3, 2016

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May 3, 2016

Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer Patients Is Linked to Increased Risk of Non-Cancer Deaths

May 2, 2016 — Researchers have found that treating patients who have early stage non-small cell lung cancer with a type of radiotherapy called stereotactic body radiation therapy is associated with a small but ... read more

First Implantable Hemodynamic Monitoring Device in Single Ventricle Fontan Anatomy

Apr. 28, 2016 — While the Fontan procedure has improved the short- and mid-term outcomes for patients born with single ventricle anatomy, long-term complications of Fontan circulation include heart failure. These ... read more

Apr. 28, 2016 — Developing medical devices takes a lot of time: large parts of the control systems can be designed and tested only once the hardware is ready. Using the hardware-in-the-loop method, which Fraunhofer ... read more

'Mediterranean' Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Attacks, Strokes in Heart Patients

Apr. 25, 2016 — A 'Mediterranean' diet, high in fruit, vegetables, fish and unrefined foods, is linked to a lower risk of heart attack and stroke in people who already have heart disease, according to a ... read more

Older Adults Need Better Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Control to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Apr. 22, 2016 — Prevention of cardiovascular events in elderly patients presents a therapeutic challenge because this age group is generally underrepresented in clinical trials, and doctors often assume that it is ... read more

Blood Pressure Targets for Individuals With Kidney Disease Should Consider Patients' Age

Apr. 22, 2016 — Systolic blood pressure levels above 140 mmHg were linked with higher risks of coronary heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and death in patients with chronic kidney disease of all ages, but the ... read more

In Child Heart Patients, Novel Approach Improves Symptoms of Hazardous Lymph Blockage

Apr. 21, 2016 — Pediatric researchers have devised an innovative, safe and minimally invasive procedure that helps relieve rare but potentially life-threatening airway blockages occurring in children who had surgery ... read more

Researchers Find Moderate Vascular Risk in Southwest Native Population

Apr. 21, 2016 — A relatively low prevalence of vascular risk has been reported among participants of the Southwest Heart Mind Study, especially among those treated for hypertension and hyperlipidemia despite ... read more

Apr. 21, 2016 — Molecular struts called microtubules interact with the heart's contractile machinery to provide mechanical resistance for the beating of the heart, which could provide a better understanding of ... read more

Apr. 21, 2016 — An eight-year-long accrual and analysis of the whole genome sequences of healthy elderly people, or 'Wellderly,' has revealed a higher-than-normal presence of genetic variants offering ... read more

No Increased Risk of Fatal Cardiovascular Events for Breast Cancer Patients on Newer Hormone Therapy

Apr. 21, 2016 — The use of aromatase inhibitors, hormone-therapy drugs used to treat patients with breast cancer, was not associated with an increased risk of fatal cardiovascular events, including heart attacks or ... read more

Research Links Heart Disease With Testosterone

Apr. 20, 2016 — Testosterone might be involved in explaining why men have a greater risk of heart attacks than women of similar age, according to a ... read more

Screening Young Athletes to Prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest Not Proven to Save Lives

Apr. 20, 2016 — Young athletes should not undergo screening to prevent sudden cardiac arrest because it is not proven to save lives, suggests an analysis of the available evidence, adding that the harms outweigh any ... read more

Apr. 20, 2016 — Researchers have developed a targeted therapy (ABTAA) for mitigating sepsis by strengthening as well as protecting blood vessels. ABTAA is a separate, independent treatment which eliminates the root ... read more

Apr. 20, 2016 — An international team of scientists is lifting the veil on the molecular mechanisms causing heart dysfunctions in myotonic dystrophy, a genetic disease affecting one person in ... read more

Loneliness, Isolation Linked to Heightened Risk of Heart Disease/stroke

Apr. 19, 2016 — Loneliness and social isolation are linked to around a 30 percent increased risk of having a stroke or developing coronary artery disease -- the two leading causes of illness and death in high income ... read more

Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Herceptin Treatment Should Be Monitored for Heart Damage at Any Age

Apr. 19, 2016 — Breast cancer patients undergoing treatment with trastuzumab-containing regimens should be monitored for heart damage regardless of ... read more

New Hope for Treating Atheriosclerosis

Apr. 19, 2016 — An American mother’s hunch might result in new treatments for patients who can’t tolerate conventional cholesterol-lowering ... read more

Stent Retrievers Improve Odds for Ischemic Stroke Patients

Apr. 19, 2016 — Timely treatment with endovascular therapy to restore blood flow to the brain significantly improves functional outcomes in patients with acute ischemic stroke, according to a new study. The findings ... read more

Healthy Diet May Reduce High Blood Pressure Risk After Gestational Diabetes

Apr. 19, 2016 — Sticking to a healthy diet in the years after pregnancy may reduce the risk of high blood pressure among women who had pregnancy-related (gestational) diabetes, according to a ... read more

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