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July 21, 2024

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A new study suggests that the U.S. government's push to increase heavy-duty trucks' energy efficiency could encourage more shipping by truck instead of rail, reducing the policies' anticipated ...
PrISMa is a new platform that uses advanced simulations and machine learning to streamline carbon capture technologies, by taking into account the perspectives of diverse stakeholders early in the research ...
A new global assessment of scientific literature finds that nature-based solutions (NbS) are an economically effective method to mitigate risks from a range of disasters -- from floods and hurricanes ...
Experience from the deployment of blue hydrogen projects will be helpful in lowering future costs of hydrogen production and will remain cost competitive. Additionally, paired with extended tax ...

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Researchers have developed and validated a new tool for comparing gender inequality among different regions of a country, highlighting links between gender inequality, wellbeing, and participation in ...

A new study finds that the proportional allocation of water, and not additional taxes on the resource, is more effective from the point of view of those engaged in ...

A new study suggests that people who are trying to conceive and live close to oil and gas development sites have a heightened risk of developing adverse mental health outcomes. The study found that ...

Despite offering a path back to careers, returner programmes leave women vulnerable to wage gaps and limited advancement, according to new research from the University of ...

A recent study explored the relationship between corporate climate change mitigation actions and the cost of capital for 2,100 Japanese listed companies from 2017 to 2021. The findings reveal that ...

In the largest study yet of working-from-home professionals, economists reveal that employees who work from home two days a week are just as productive, likely to get promoted, and far less prone to ...

Giving a regular cash payment to the entire world population has the potential to increase global gross domestic product (GDP) by 130%, according to a new analysis. Researchers suggest that charging ...

New research has found a connection between pleasant weather conditions and higher investment in lottery-like ...

City officials were more likely to maintain climate action during the pandemic in places with more climate-related health issues affecting ...

Economic difficulty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic led to a cascade of connected problems for some parents -- resulting in mental health problems for their children, a new study suggests. ...

Short but severe episodes of flooding from hurricanes in Texas and Florida triggered a nationwide increase in flood insurance sign-ups depending on how socially connected a county was to the flooded ...

Recognizing and respecting the different ways nature is valued can enable better environmental decision-making, according to new ...

PES programs are currently structured in ways that could limit their participation or create incentives to drop out before the full environmental benefits are ...

Coal phase-out is necessary to solve climate change, but can have negative impacts on workers and local communities dependent on coal for their livelihoods. Researchers have studied government plans ...

Researchers undertook a study of older adults to examine the connection between a sense of economic insecurity and a person's participation in social ...

Genetics can be associated with one's behavior and health -- from the willingness to take risks, and how long one stays in school, to chances of developing Alzheimer's disease and breast ...

Reaching net-zero carbon emissions goals requires finding transformative paths to manage carbon in difficult-to-electrify economic ...

Countries with limited potential for renewables could save up to 20 percent of costs for green steel and up to 40 percent for green chemicals from green hydrogen if they relocated their ...

A new study highlights the lasting financial impact of a cancer diagnosis for many working-age adults and their families in the United States. It shows a cancer diagnosis and the time required for ...

Climate change will increase the future value of residential rooftop solar panels across the United States by up to 19% by the end of the century, according to a new ...

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