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Allergy News

February 26, 2024

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A drug that binds to allergy-causing antibodies can protect children from dangerous reactions to accidentally eating allergy-triggering foods, a new study ...
Researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery: a new cell that remembers ...
An exhalation delivery system that uses a patient's own breath to carry the anti-inflammatory compound fluticasone (EDS-FLU) directly to the sinuses reduced chronic sinus infection (sinusitis) ...
Measuring airborne grass allergen levels instead of pollen counts will be more beneficial for hay fever sufferers as new research shows grass allergen levels are more consistently associated with hay ...
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Earlier Headlines

Scientists have produced an organoid model of the human conjunctiva. These organoids mimic the function of the actual human conjunctiva, a tissue involved in tear production. Using their new model, ...

Having a food allergy as a baby is linked to asthma and reduced lung function later in childhood, according to a new ...

In 2017, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced a dramatic reversal in its approach to peanut-allergy prevention, recommending parents expose their infants as young as four months old to ...

Columbia researchers have found why babies are susceptible to repeated bouts of common respiratory infections--but also have a unique weapon to fight off new pathogens that healthy adults ...

Many low-risk patients with a penicillin allergy were able to have their penicillin allergy label removed through a simple procedure known as 'direct oral challenge' as part of a ...

The function of mast cells, which are part of the immune system, is still a mystery. Scientists have now shown in mice: mast cells function as a sensor that signals the animals to avoid antigens, ...

Simply the smell of seafood can make those with an allergy to it violently ill -- and therefore more likely to avoid it. The same avoidance behavior is exhibited by people who develop food poisoning ...

New research is bolstering scientific understanding behind why some people are more prone to allergies than others. Researchers have identified how genetic differences that alter a specific protein ...

Asthma is more dangerous than many people realize. An estimated 10 Americans die every day from asthma, and the disease leads to around 439,000 hospitalizations and 1.3 million emergency room trips ...

A global phase 3 clinical trial found that a year-long immunotherapy through a skin patch safely desensitized toddlers with peanut allergy, lowering the risk of a severe allergic reaction from ...

A new study sheds light on how a rare type of helper T cell, called Th9, can drive allergic disease, suggesting new precision medicine approaches to treating allergies in patients with high levels of ...

In an analysis of over 65,000 infants from Japan, children exposed to pet cats or indoor dogs during fetal development or early infancy tended to have fewer food allergies compared to other ...

New clinical guidance has been developed to help physicians and patients identify if unexplained digestive symptoms are due to alpha-gal syndrome, a food allergy that is caused by lone star tick ...

A key feature of the severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis is an abrupt drop in blood pressure and body temperature, causing people to faint and, if untreated, potentially die. That response ...

Eliminating animal milk alone from the diet of adults with eosinophilic esophagitis, or EoE, is as effective at treating the disease as eliminating animal milk plus five other common foods, a ...

New research reveals how the relationship between nerves and immune cells in the lungs can contribute to the development of allergic ...

An allergen-specific inhibitor devised by researchers has successfully prevented potentially life-threatening allergic responses to ...

Using new gene mapping methods, researchers have found connections between atopic dermatitis (eczema) in dogs and several regions of the genome. Some of the genes identified coincide with genes ...

Researchers have simulated how climate change will affect the distribution of two leading allergens -- oak and ragweed pollens -- across the contiguous United States. The results may make your eyes ...

A new study finds that small molecules found in most humans' breast milk may reduce the likelihood of infants developing allergic conditions like atopic dermatitis and food ...

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