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August 31, 2015

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August 31, 2015

15 Percent of Cigarettes Sold in NYC Have Illegal Tax Stamps, Study Finds

Aug. 27, 2015 — Licensed tobacco retailers throughout New York City are selling a substantial number of cigarette packs carrying either counterfeit or out-of-state tax ... read more

When Farm to Table Means Crossing International Borders

Aug. 3, 2015 — Consumers are more likely to buy meat that is identified as a US product, but that effect diminishes if they are told that processing standards in other countries are equivalent to US ... read more

Personalized Banner Ads Are a Double-Edged Sword

July 23, 2015 — Trust in a particular vendor affects the degree to which consumers will accept or reject a personalized banner ad, research concludes. The investigators wondered where people would draw the line at ... read more

Mascots: Can a Humanlike Figure Actually Harm a Company?

July 7, 2015 — Companies whose brands are represented by or associated with human or humanlike figures are often perceived to be taking advantage of consumers when they raise their prices, new research ... read more

Customer Commitment Has Many Faces, Differs Globally

July 7, 2015 — Companies that want to increase customers' loyalty and get their repeat business would do well to understand the nuanced ways in which and reasons why a customer is committed to that company, ... read more

Sharing Knowledge Positively Impacts Innovation in Retail

July 2, 2015 — A new study finds that a retail store should share customer service experiences with other units in the same chain to have more innovative behavior in its own ... read more

End Pharmacists' Monopoly on Selling Certain Drugs, Argues British Expert

July 1, 2015 — Evidence is lacking that having a category of drugs that can be sold only by pharmacists or under their supervision ('pharmacy medicines') has benefits, writes a pharmacy professor in a new ... read more

Brands, Patents Can Protect Firms from Bankruptcy

June 19, 2015 — If a firm faces troubled times during a stable market, strong advertising can carry it through. But when the market is turbulent, a firm's R&D is more likely to help save it from bankruptcy. ... read more

Buyers and Sellers: Choose Your Own Price!

June 8, 2015 — In certain situations, the seller gets a better deal if she or he allows customers to decide what they want to pay for an item or a service, a new study carried out by economics and management ... read more

Baiting the Hook: The Science of Attracting and Keeping Online Grocery Shoppers

May 7, 2015 — A study of the multichannel UK grocery shopping environment recently yielded insights that will be useful for retailers with an online channel or considering adding one to their customers' ... read more

Nonstop Shopping: Impact of Mobile Technology on Purchasing Patterns

May 5, 2015 — Customers who adopted mobile technology for their grocery shopping shopped more often and placed larger orders, research shows. The data was collected between 2011 and 2013 from an Internet-only ... read more

Buyers With a Trade-in Get a Raw Deal

Apr. 30, 2015 — A consumer with a trade-in actually forks over more money to the dealer than consumers without a trade-in, new research shows. The research theorizes that sellers of durable goods for which dealers ... read more

California's 4.8 Million Low-Wage Workers Now Earn Less Than in 1979

Apr. 30, 2015 — Over the past 35 years, California's high-wage workers have seen steady increases in their paychecks. But low-wage workers, 4.8 million strong and about one-third of the state's workforce, ... read more

Why Daring to Compare Online Prices Pays Off Offline

Apr. 7, 2015 — The sudden closures of big-box stores like Future Shop and Target may make it seem like online shopping is killing real-world stores. But shoppers are actually engaging in 'web-to-store' ... read more

Launching a New Brand: Is Partnering With a Popular Brand a Good Idea?

Mar. 4, 2015 — If you're trying to sell a new brand of cereal, teaming up with Kellogg's or General Mills would seem like a really great idea. However, a new study shows that partnering with established ... read more

America's Next Top Model: How Do Fans Contribute to the Decline of Their Favorite TV Shows?

Mar. 4, 2015 — Popular TV shows can rapidly lose much of their audience. According to a new study, the most devoted fans of popular TV shows could actually be contributing to their ... read more

International Marketing: Are Store Brands Becoming a Global Phenomenon?

Feb. 25, 2015 — Big name brands in the United States and Western Europe face a serious and growing threat from successful store brands. A new study explains why store brands have taken some countries by storm while ... read more

Competition Among Physicians and Retail Clinics Drives Higher Antiobiotic Prescribing Rate, Particularly in Wealthy Zip Codes

Feb. 23, 2015 — Competition among doctors’ offices, urgent care centers and retail medical clinics in wealthy areas of the U.S. often leads to an increase in the number of antibiotic prescriptions written per ... read more

When the Price Just Feels Right: Do Rounded Numbers Appeal to Our Emotions?

Jan. 22, 2015 — Consumers usually look for the lowest price when shopping for a product. But can prices sometimes just <em>feel</em> right? According to a new study, consumers are drawn to prices with ... read more

Buying Cars: Do Product Features Matter More Than Brands?

Jan. 21, 2015 — It is a popular belief among marketers that online searches for brand names are good indicators of which products consumers plan to buy. But a new study suggests that searches for specific features ... read more

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