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Palomino horse

Palomino is a coat color in horses, consisting of a gold coat and white or flaxen mane and tail.

Genetically, the palomino color is created by a dilution gene working on a red (chestnut) base coat.

While the breed standard states the ideal color is that of a "newly minted gold coin", the coat color may range from a pale creme, almost-white color, to a deep, dark, chocolate color ("chocolate palomino").

Skin and eyes are usually dark.

White markings are permitted on the legs, but must not extend beyond the knees or hocks.

White markings are also permitted on the face, but must not extend past the eyes.

Those with a chocolate colored coat may be confused with horses expressing the silver dapple gene.

Note:   The above text is excerpted from the Wikipedia article "Palomino horse", which has been released under the GNU Free Documentation License.
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