Genetically Modified News

September 25, 2023

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Researchers have developed a method that lets them genetically modify each cell differently in animals. This allows them to study in a single experiment what used to require many animal experiments. Using the new method, the researchers have ...
Scientists have synthesized spider silk from genetically modified silkworms, producing fibers six times tougher than the Kevlar used in bulletproof vests. The study is the first to successfully ...
Researchers have genetically engineered a marine microorganism to break down plastic in salt water. Specifically, the modified organism can break down polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a plastic used in everything from water bottles to clothing that ...
In a breakthrough for the field of bioelectronics, researchers have enhanced the ability of E. coli bacteria to generate electricity. The innovative approach only offers a sustainable solution for organic waste processing while outperforming ...

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Using CRISPR technology, scientists have engineered a new way to genetically suppress populations of Anopheles gambiae, the mosquitoes that primarily spread malaria in Africa and contribute to ...

A new study has revealed a positive shift in public sentiment towards one aspect of agricultural biotechnology, showing that gene editing consistently receives higher favorability ratings than GMOs ...

Researchers have now used a gene-drive system to suppress an important agricultural ...

Researchers have developed a low-cost, RNA-based technology to detect and measure biomarkers, which can help decode the body's physiology. The presence of protein biomarkers can indicate chronic ...

A new drug candidate targeting E. coli in the gut is in phase 1 clinical trials. According to a new paper it may improve the well-being of blood cancer patients and reduce their mortality rate from ...

A research team has developed a novel machine-learning algorithm that can reveal the hidden structure in data recorded from the brain, predicting complex information such as what mice ...


Researchers have developed a biosynthetic 'clock' that keeps cells from reaching normal levels of deterioration related to aging. They engineered a gene oscillator that switches between the ...

Even though it is important to know where these variations are located in the genome, it's also useful to know how or why these genetic variations happened in the first ...

Engineers developed a method to create synthetic spider silk at high yields while retaining strength and toughness using mussel foot ...

A probiotic treatment reduced the negative effects of alcohol consumption in ...

Researchers have succeeded in developing an E. coli-based 'smart microbe' that secretes therapeutic payloads, including antibodies, into the gut. The genetically modified beneficial strain ...

A new study represents a first step towards generating highly detailed 3-dimensional maps of lung tumors using genetically engineered mouse ...


In a step forward for genetic engineering and synthetic biology, researchers have modified a strain of Escherichia coli bacteria to be immune to natural viral infections while also minimizing the ...

The DNA sequence of a gene in wheat responsible for resisting a devastating virus has been discovered, providing vital clues for managing more resistant crops and maintaining a healthy food ...

New methodology and tools provide an opportunity to watch in unprecedented detail as a phage attacks a ...

Neuroscience research just got a little bit easier, thanks to the release of tens of thousands of images of fruit fly brain ...

Scientists thought a gold-throated hummingbird was a new species. DNA revealed that it's a hybrid of two different species, each with pink throats. The discovery sheds light on how birds produce ...

A team has developed a method for selectively manipulating genetically engineered cells with ...

Scientists recently announced the invention of a nanowire 10,000 times thinner than a human hair that can be cheaply grown by common bacteria and tuned to 'smell' a vast array of chemical ...

Researchers have added components of plant chloroplasts to bacteria. This feat, 50 years in the making, allows them to analyze the proteins in greater detail in order to improve Rubisco, and ...

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