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July 1, 2015

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July 1, 2015

When Times Are Tough, Parents Favor Daughters Over Sons

June 29, 2015 — In tough economic times, parents financially favor daughters over sons, according to researchers. The study found participants preferred to enroll a daughter rather than a son in beneficial programs, ... read more

In Beijing, Does Desire for Status Means Global Car Brands Over Local Ones

June 23, 2015 — Everyone in China knows global automobile brands such as Ford and Chevrolet. But do those brands really sell better than local ones such as Senova or Eado? The answer is yes, and the reason lies in a ... read more

National Identity: Does Buying Local Mean Shunning Global?

June 23, 2015 — U.S. consumers are often urged to “buy American,” and some special interest groups even claim that buying foreign products is inappropriate, or even immoral. But when it comes to buying domestic ... read more

The Unwanted Consumer: Harbingers of Failure

June 23, 2015 — Positive customer feedback, to say nothing of positive sales, is always a good sign of a new product's potential success, right? Not necessarily, says a new study. According to the study, there ... read more

Lack of Control on E-Coaches

June 23, 2015 — There is no guarantee that smart, personal coaching apps can live up to claims to make our lives more healthy and more productive. Users may receive incorrect, commercially slanted, or ineffective ... read more

June 19, 2015 — Cigarette prices and images on cigarette packets have an impact on women in terms of continuing to smoke or quitting. In fact, less educated women are more responsive to pictorial labels on cigarette ... read more

Can Phone Data Detect Real-Time Unemployment?

June 15, 2015 — Mobile phone data can provide rapid insight into employment levels, precisely because people's communications patterns change when they are not working, a study ... read more

Students' Unions Attempts to Oppose Consumerism Are Rarely Successful, New Research Finds

June 15, 2015 — While students' unions often try to oppose the rise of consumerism at their universities, they are rarely successful, a new study ... read more

Love and Money: How Low-Income Dads Really Provide

June 15, 2015 — Low-income fathers who might be labeled "deadbeat dads" often spend as much on their children as parents in formal child-support arrangements, but they sometimes choose to give goods like ... read more

Public Debate Could Be Key to Strong Economy

June 10, 2015 — As it turns out, people who speak their minds loudly and often could be responsible for economic prosperity. The study is the first to measure the influence of public deliberation on economic ... read more

Buyers and Sellers: Choose Your Own Price!

June 8, 2015 — In certain situations, the seller gets a better deal if she or he allows customers to decide what they want to pay for an item or a service, a new study carried out by economics and management ... read more

As Baby Boomers Age, Do Their Decisions Get Better or Worse?

June 5, 2015 — As an economic and political force, researchers say that older adults hold a tremendous amount of social power in the United States. A new study is examining what factors contribute to older ... read more

June 2, 2015 — Creating a conflict with the population that a policy targets can backfire. The most successful public policies are those that are framed positively and support choice, a new study ... read more

It Takes a Village: Why Do Consumers Participate in Wind Energy Programs?

June 2, 2015 — Why do people participate in programs that benefit the environment, even when there seems to be no direct personal benefit in taking part? More specifically, why would consumers pay good money for ... read more

Pocket Change: When Does Corporate Gratitude Backfire?

June 2, 2015 — Not too long ago, Microsoft mailed loyal Xbox customers an e-card encoded with twenty-five cents' worth of Microsoft points. The software behemoth might have thought it was showing appreciation. ... read more

Privacy Notices Online Probably Don't Match Your Expectations

June 2, 2015 — Consumers often complain that online companies violate their privacy -- but the problem may be with the consumers themselves. According to a new study, there can be a big discrepancy between what ... read more

Unplanned Purchases: Why Does That Snickers Bar Looks Better the Longer You Shop?

June 2, 2015 — You go to the grocery store to buy a pound of ground beef and a can of tomato sauce. You walk out with the ground beef, the sauce, and a bag of chocolate-covered almonds, a silicon spatula, and the ... read more

Are You Taking Too Much NyQuil? The Surprising Futility of Drug Labeling

June 2, 2015 — Any box or bottle of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine lists its active ingredients prominently on the label. But are consumers using that information to make wise choices about taking two or more OTC ... read more

Online Gambling Would Benefit from Better Regulation

June 1, 2015 — The US government's attempt to crack down on Internet gambling is widely seen as a convoluted mess. Yet, more controlled and defined regulation would likely benefit the $41 billion industry and ... read more

Psychology: Does Aging Affect Decision Making?

June 1, 2015 — Aging is associated with significant decline in cognitive functions. But does this translate into poorer decision making? Psychologists report that in simple decision situations, older adults perform ... read more

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