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October 6, 2015

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October 6, 2015

Medications to Treat Opioid Use Disorders: New Guideline Released

Sep. 24, 2015 — Medications play an important role in managing patients with opioid use disorders, but there are not enough physicians with the knowledge and ability to use these often-complex treatments. New ... read more

Sep. 23, 2015 — Liquid crystals are familiar to most of us as the somewhat humdrum stuff used to make computer displays and TVs. Even for scientists, it has not been easy to find other ways of using them. Now a ... read more

Emergency Department Visit Provides Opportunity to Reduce Underage Drinking

Sep. 23, 2015 — Giving youth in the emergency department a short intervention during their visit decreased their alcohol consumption and problems related to drinking over the following year, the results of a ... read more

Around the World, Those Treated for Addiction Far More Likely to Smoke

Sep. 22, 2015 — A review of studies from 20 countries indicates that tobacco use is not addressed in substance abuse treatment programs. The results agree with an earlier review that found that the median smoking ... read more

Scientists Identify Key Morphine Regulator That May Reduce Risk of Pain-Killer Abuse

Sep. 22, 2015 — A specific molecule controls morphine receptor signaling in a small group of brain cells, a new study has demonstrated. The findings could lead to a new drug target for developing less-addictive pain ... read more

How Former Problem Drinkers Navigate Social Drinking Situations

Sep. 22, 2015 — A small, qualitative study highlights a wide variety of approaches that former problem drinkers take to determine how and whether to tell people in social situations that they don't ... read more

Substance Abuse Recovery Odds Increase in a Community Setting

Sep. 21, 2015 — Following substance abuse treatment, individuals who live in a collaborative housing setting with community rules and responsibilities have their substance abuse treated more effectively than those ... read more

If Mom or Dad Is a Smoker, Their Teenager Is More Likely to Be a Smoker Too

Sep. 18, 2015 — The more a parent smokes, the more their teenage son or daughter will also smoke. Teenagers are much more likely to smoke and be dependent on nicotine if a parent is dependent on nicotine, especially ... read more

Adolescent Painkiller Abuse a Big Problem for Small Towns, Rural Areas

Sep. 17, 2015 — Adolescents who live in rural areas and small towns and cities are more likely to abuse prescription painkillers than adolescents who live in large urban areas, according to ... read more

Harmful Alcohol Use Increases Health Risks in All Countries

Sep. 16, 2015 — Data support the call to increase global awareness of the harmful use of alcohol and the need to further identify and target the modifiable determinants of harmful alcohol use. Authors of a new study ... read more

Psychology Research Links Distress to Perceived Internet Pornography Addiction

Sep. 16, 2015 — A study of Internet pornography users suggests a person’s own feeling of being addicted to online pornography drives mental health distress, not the pornography itself. The research adds a fresh ... read more

Crime Ties Are Relative in Youth Offenders' Substance Abuse

Sep. 16, 2015 — Having family or friends involved in crime was the best predictor of whether a youth offender would become a long-term marijuana user or heavy drinker, a new study has ... read more

Do American Adolescents Approve of Marijuana?

Sep. 16, 2015 — Groundbreaking research suggests that adolescents have become less likely to approve of and use marijuana over the last decade when compared to young adults. This is coming during a time where a ... read more

Experts Question the Evidence Underpinning E-Cigarette Recommendations

Sep. 15, 2015 — Public Health England recently endorsed the use of electronic cigarettes as an aid to quitting smoking. But experts question the evidence on safety and effectiveness underpinning the ... read more

Teen Marijuana Use Down Despite Greater Availability

Sep. 15, 2015 — Marijuana use among American high school students is significantly lower today than it was 15 years ago, despite the legalization in many states of marijuana for medical purposes, a move toward ... read more

Hookah Tobacco Smoking Seems to Be Increasing in Both Prevalence, Frequency

Sep. 15, 2015 — Nearly one in five recently surveyed high school seniors report having smoked tobacco from a hookah in the past year, and more than a third of them reported smoking hookahs often enough to be ... read more

Researchers Document Self-Reported Use of New, Uncommon Synthetic Drugs by Teens, Young Adults

Sep. 15, 2015 — This is the first study reporting on use of a variety of new drugs in a nationally representative U.S. sample. Researchers are confident that use was severely underreported, as the subjects were not ... read more

Three New Studies Converge on Promising New Target for Addiction Treatment

Sep. 14, 2015 — Three studies implicating metabotropic glutamate receptor 2 (mGluR2) as a new molecular target for the treatment of addiction have been published ... read more

Treatment Protocol Improves Outcomes for Infants With Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Sep. 14, 2015 — A new protocol to treat babies born in withdrawal from drugs can be used widely to improve outcomes for these babies. The protocol reduces length of stay and the duration of treatment with opioids ... read more

Chronic Drinking Disrupts Liver's Circadian Clock, Contributes to Alcoholic Liver Disease

Sep. 10, 2015 — Staying on an internal schedule is important for health, and disease can occur if the body’s internal clock is disrupted. A new study reinforces the importance of circadian rhythm, reporting that ... read more

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