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February 6, 2016

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February 6, 2016

New Material Substantially Reduces Nitrogen from Diesel

Feb. 2, 2016 — The Mexican Oil Institute (IMP) developed a catalyst adsorbent material that removes 80 percent of organic compounds from hydrocarbon charges before starting the process of hydrodesulfurization ... read more

Bio-Inspired Biomimetics Can Outperform Natural Coenzymes

Feb. 1, 2016 — Researchers have developed a range of synthetic biomimetic compounds to replace the relatively expensive natural NADH and NADPH coenzymes in enzymatic conversions of industrial relevance. They show ... read more

Innovative Molecule Helps Palladium Catalyst Create Complex Compounds

Jan. 28, 2016 — Innovative molecule helps palladium catalyst create complex ... read more

Jan. 28, 2016 — Low concentrations of serum albumin proteins have the ability to bind one-to-one to gold nanoparticles and, upon unfolding, prompt them to aggregate, according to scientists. The finding may be ... read more

Jan. 28, 2016 — For the first time, researchers have shown that a very efficient vertical charge transport in semiconducting polymers is possible by controlled chain and crystallite orientation. These pioneering ... read more

Jan. 28, 2016 — A research team at Umeå University in Sweden has showed, for the first time, that a very efficient vertical charge transport in semiconducting polymers is possible by controlled chain and ... read more

Jan. 28, 2016 — Combining experimental investigations and theoretical simulations, researchers have explained why platinum nanoclusters of a specific size range facilitate the hydrogenation reaction used to produce ... read more

Jan. 27, 2016 — A cost-effective catalyst material has been produced for fuel cells using a new preparation process which researchers analyzed in detail. It consists of iron-nitrogen complexes embedded in tiny ... read more

New Fluorescent Nanomaterials Whose Inspiration Was Taken from Plant Antenna Systems

Jan. 26, 2016 — One of the biggest temptations facing a scientist is to try and reproduce natural phenomena which are so fascinating given their effectiveness and perfection. Scientists have now designed a set of ... read more

Jan. 25, 2016 — Researchers have re-engineered a fluorescent probe into a powerful optogenetic photosensitizer that can be used to manipulate cells. The technology could help researchers better understand the role ... read more

Jan. 25, 2016 — Researchers have developed a new catalyst that paves the way for low-cost, large-scale ... read more

Jan. 25, 2016 — Healthcare practitioners may one day be able to physically screen for breast cancer using pressure-sensitive rubber gloves to detect tumors, owing to a transparent, bendable and sensitive pressure ... read more

Jan. 25, 2016 — Researchers have developed a new water filtration system that is superior to existing systems in many respects: it is extremely efficient at removing various toxic heavy metal ions and radioactive ... read more

Jan. 22, 2016 — Researchers have described the first technique for stacking layers of block-copolymer wires such that the wires in one layer naturally orient themselves perpendicularly to those in the layer ... read more

Jan. 21, 2016 — Scientists have created the first computational model that simulates the light-harvesting activity of thousands of antenna proteins that would interact in the chloroplast of an actual leaf. The ... read more

Jan. 21, 2016 — A persistent mystery surrounding the structure of nitrogen-doped carbon catalysts has been solved, say researchers, with potential for a range of fuel cell technologies. Constructing and testing a ... read more

Jan. 21, 2016 — When cryoEM images are obtained from protein nanocrystals the images themselves can appear to be devoid of any contrast. A group of scientists has now demonstrated that lattice information can be ... read more

Jan. 21, 2016 — Nerve damage from neurodegenerative disease and spinal cord injury has largely been considered irreversible, but researchers now report progress in the effort to synthesize rare natural products that ... read more

Jan. 21, 2016 — Using molecular dynamics simulations, researchers have analyzed the properties of supercritical water. The researchers showed which structure of the hydrogen bond network is formed in different ... read more

Jan. 21, 2016 — For the first time, researchers have determined the dynamical behavior of the ligand layer of a water-soluble gold nanocluster in solution. Nanometre-scale gold particles are used for applications as ... read more

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