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February 6, 2016

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February 6, 2016

Feb. 1, 2016 — New transparent metamaterials under development could make possible computer chips and interconnecting circuits that use light instead of electrons to process and transmit data, representing a ... read more

Jan. 29, 2016 — The iron Fe2+ atom embedded in a semiconductor exhibits a single non-degenerate ground state of zero magnetic moment. A team of scientists has demonstrated that by using sufficiently large strain it ... read more

Plasma Accelerator Research Station Taking Shape

Jan. 29, 2016 — Particle accelerators find many applications in fundamental research, as well as in health, energy and security applications. They range from relatively compact, sometimes even table top devices to ... read more

Jan. 27, 2016 — The first ever measurement of the temperature of electrons in a nanoelectronic device a few thousandths of a degree above absolute zero was demonstrated in a recent research ... read more

Jan. 27, 2016 — The first ever measurement of the temperature of electrons in a nanoelectronic device a few thousandths of a degree above absolute zero was demonstrated in a new research ... read more

Jan. 26, 2016 — Quantum objects cannot just be understood as the sum of their parts. This is what makes quantum calculations so complicated. Scientists have now calculated Bose-Einstein-condensates, revealing the ... read more

Anti-Hydrogen Origin Revealed by Collision Simulation

Jan. 26, 2016 — Antihydrogen is a particular kind of atom, made up of the antiparticle of an electron -- a positron -- and the antiparticle of a proton -- an antiproton. Scientists hope that studying the formation ... read more

Jan. 25, 2016 — According to Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, all bodies in a vacuum regardless of their properties are accelerated by the Earth's gravity at the same rate. This principle of ... read more

Jan. 25, 2016 — Researchers, through their precise measurement of current fluctuations in quantum liquids in an artificial atom created by nanotechnology, succeeded in elucidating theoretically-predicted behavior of ... read more

Physicists Create Magnetic State in Atomic Layers of Transition Metal Oxide

Jan. 22, 2016 — Physicists have created a magnetic state in a few atomic layers of artificially synthesized materials known as transition metal ... read more

Jan. 21, 2016 — Scientists have created the first computational model that simulates the light-harvesting activity of thousands of antenna proteins that would interact in the chloroplast of an actual leaf. The ... read more

Jan. 20, 2016 — Scientists are once again pushing the boundaries of antimatter research with their latest breakthrough studying the properties of antihydrogen. The result is an improved measurement of the charge of ... read more

Quantum Computing Is Coming -- Are You Prepared for It?

Jan. 20, 2016 — Quantum computing will change lives, society and the economy and a working system is expected to be developed by 2020, according to a leading figure in the world of quantum ... read more

Can Three Pigeons Be in Two Pigeonholes With No Two Pigeons in the Same Hole?

Jan. 20, 2016 — A new quantum phenomenon has been introduced that the authors of a new paper call the 'quantum pigeonhole principle.' The study demonstrates how to put an arbitrarily large number of ... read more

Bismuth-Based Nanoribbons Show 'Topological' Transport, Potential for New Technologies

Jan. 19, 2016 — Researchers have created nanoribbons of an emerging class of materials called topological insulators and used a magnetic field to control their semiconductor properties, a step toward harnessing the ... read more

Jan. 19, 2016 — Researchers have developed a novel type of hybrid system, consisting of an on-chip graphene NEMS suspended a few tens of nanometres above nitrogen-vacancy centres (NVCs), which are stable ... read more

Jan. 19, 2016 — Interconnecting different quantum systems is important for future quantum computing architectures, but has proven difficult to achieve. Researchers have now realized a first step towards a universal ... read more

Jan. 19, 2016 — A measuring system for light waves in the near-infrared range has been developed by researchers. The new system can be used for the precise generation of attosecond-duration light bursts for the ... read more

Recipe for Muon Pair Creation, in Theory

Jan. 19, 2016 — A true-muonium only lives for two microseconds. These atoms are made up one positively and one negatively charged elementary particle, also known as muons. Although they have yet to be observed ... read more

Light-Activated Nanoparticles Prove Effective Against Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbugs'

Jan. 18, 2016 — In the ever-escalating evolutionary battle with drug-resistant bacteria, humans may soon have a leg up thanks to adaptive, light-activated nanotherapy recently developed by ... read more

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