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Construction News

June 14, 2024

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Inspired by the material that makes up oyster and abalone shells, engineers have created a new cement composite that is 17 times more crack-resistant than standard cement and 19 times more able to stretch and deform without breaking. The findings ...
Offshore wind could have prevented the Fukushima disaster, according to a review of wind ...
Researchers introduce a polymer-based material with unique properties. This material allows sunlight to enter, maintains a more comfortable indoor climate without additional energy, and cleans itself like a lotus leaf. The new development could ...
Researchers conducted a comprehensive analysis on the carbon footprint of constructing a wooden house in Japan. The team found that the estimated carbon footprint of a house in Japan is 38 tons of CO2, with the largest share coming from the electric ...

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In hopes of producing concrete structures that can repair their cracks, researchers are putting a new twist on an old trick for improving the durability of concrete. Fiber reinforcement has been ...

Researchers taught an autonomous excavator to construct dry stone walls itself using boulders weighing several tons and demolition ...

A research project has made a brand-new breakthrough over conventional stainless steel and the development of stainless steel for hydrogen ...

First of its kind AI-model can help policy-makers efficiently identify and prioritize houses for retrofitting and other decarbonizing ...

As the wind and rain pound the blades of a wind turbine, researchers carefully monitor screens, hundreds of kilometers away analyzing if the blade's coatings can withstand the onslaught. While ...

Scientists have developed a new modular steel buttress dam system designed to resolve energy storage issues hindering the integration of renewable resources into the energy mix. The new modular steel ...

The safety of tall buildings in the world's cities, in the face of extreme external traumas like vehicle impacts, blasts or fires, has been tested using a model developed by structural engineers ...

A shipping container that can test passive cooling systems could help researchers and builders find carbon-free ways to keep people cool in extreme temperatures. Researchers created the 60 ...

Scientists pioneer a new machine learning model for corrosion-resistant alloy ...

Everyday life involves the three dimensions or 3D -- along an X, Y and Z axis, or up and down, left and right, and forward and back. But, in recent years scientists have explored a 'fourth ...

Structural engineers are familiar with seventeenth-century scientist Robert Hooke's theory that a hanging chain will mirror the shape of an upstanding rigid arch. However, new research now shows ...

The climate control used by termites in their mounds could inspire tomorrow's climate-smart buildings. New research shows that future buildings inspired by the termites could achieve the same ...

Engineers have developed a new test that can predict the durability of cement in seconds to minutes -- rather than the hours it takes using current methods. The test measures the behavior of water ...

Researchers have developed new methods to solve a major source of future waste from the automotive, aerospace and renewable ...

Taking a cue from the structural complexity of trees and bones, engineers have created a way to 3D-print two types of steel in the same circular layer using two welding machines. The resulting ...

Architects have designed a prototype home constructed with flexible wooden partition walls which can be shifted to meet the changing needs of residents. The invention aims to reduce waste and carbon ...

Researchers are trying to make the process more efficient and definitive by using artificial intelligence, combined with a classic mathematical method for quantifying web-like networks, to determine ...

In an effort to make textiles more sustainable, a new method allows researchers to break old clothing down chemically and reuse polyester compounds to create fire resistant, anti-bacterial or ...

Researchers have developed a chemical process that can disassemble the epoxy composite of wind turbine blades and simultaneously extract intact glass fibers as well as one of the epoxy resin's ...

A team has shown in the laboratory the unique and practical function of newly created materials, which they called quantum composites, that may advance electrical, optical, and computer ...

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