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May 29, 2016

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May 29, 2016

Making AI Decision-Making Accountable

May 25, 2016 — Machine-learning algorithms increasingly make decisions about credit, medical diagnoses, personalized recommendations, advertising and job opportunities, among other things, but exactly how usually ... read more

Humans Less Likely to Return to an Automated Advisor Once Given Bad Advice

May 25, 2016 — The ubiquitous Chat Bot popping up on websites asking if you need help has become standard on many sites. We dismiss, we engage, but do we trust the algorithm that is aiding our experience? Giving us ... read more

May 17, 2016 — A new highly efficient power amplifier for electronics could help make possible next-generation cell phones, low-cost collision-avoidance radar for cars and lightweight microsatellites for ... read more

May 17, 2016 — A prototype for an interactive mobile device, called Cubimorph, can change shape on-demand. The modular interactive device, made out of a chain of cubes, contributes towards the vision of ... read more

Mobile Apps, Games Are Energy Thieves

May 17, 2016 — EnergyBox is a tool that measures and calculates how much energy is consumed by gadgets when connecting to the Internet to use apps and games. Now a researcher has found major opportunities for ... read more

New Technology Reduces 30% Chip Area of STT-MRAM While Increasing Memory Bit Yield by 70%

May 17, 2016 — Researchers have successfully developed a technology to stack magnetic tunnel junctions directly on the vertical interconnect ... read more

May 16, 2016 — Researchers are using ideas from animal training to help non-expert users teach robots how to do desired ... read more

New Method of Producing Random Numbers Could Improve Cybersecurity

May 16, 2016 — A new method for producing truly random numbers could be used to encrypt data, make electronic voting more secure, conduct statistically significant polls and more accurately simulate complex systems ... read more

May 12, 2016 — In experiments involving a simulation of the human esophagus and stomach, researchers have demonstrated a tiny origami robot that can unfold itself from a swallowed capsule and, steered by external ... read more

Dual Screen Smartwatch Unveiled

May 12, 2016 — Researchers have unveiled a prototype of a smartwatch with dual touchscreens called ... read more

Online Therapy Effective at Treating Depression and Anxiety

May 12, 2016 — Providing an online computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (CCBT) program both alone and in combination with Internet support groups (ISG) is a more effective treatment for anxiety and depression ... read more

May 12, 2016 — If you're looking for a way to use a computer more efficiently, researchers may have a solution for you. Researchers have recently filed a patent that would allow computer users to trigger ... read more

Social Engineering: Password in Exchange for Chocolate

May 12, 2016 — It requires a lot of effort and expense for computer hackers to program a Trojan virus and infiltrate individual or company computers. They are therefore increasingly relying on psychological ... read more

World's First Wireless Satellite

May 12, 2016 — A satellite whose components are not connected through electric cables but miniaturized radio modules: This innovation has earned two computer scientists the first place in the INNOspace Masters ... read more

A Password of Another Kind: User Identification Through the Skull

May 12, 2016 — People use laptops and smartphones to save and organize their entire life – protected only by a password or a PIN. However, these are often not secure, because users do not choose or store them ... read more

Abstinence May Not Be the Best Policy for Avoiding Online Risk

May 11, 2016 — The online world is full of risky situations for teens, but allowing them to gradually build their own coping strategies may be a better parental strategy than forbidding Internet use, according to a ... read more

New Challenge for Caregivers: The Internet

May 11, 2016 — What should caregivers do when their loved one is checking in on social media at the bank, essentially announcing their whereabouts? What if they are posting too often or don’t remember making ... read more

May 11, 2016 — Researchers have created ways to give a piece of paper sensing capabilities that allows it to respond to gesture commands and connect to the digital ... read more

Study of U2 Could Help Music Fans Find What They’re Looking for

May 11, 2016 — Music fans’ emotions could be used to help them find new songs online, according to new ... read more

Algorithms Can Predict Epileptic Seizures

May 11, 2016 — Computer scientists and mathematicians have developed a prediction model that can warn epileptic sufferers of an upcoming seizure with 20 minutes ... read more

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