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Neural Interfaces News

December 6, 2023

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Artificial hands can be operated via app or with sensors placed in the muscles of the forearm. New research shows: a better understanding of muscle activity patterns in the forearm supports a more intuitive and natural control of artificial limbs. ...
A speech prosthetic developed by a collaborative team of neuroscientists, neurosurgeons and engineers can translate a person's brain signals into what they're trying to say. The new technology might one day help people unable to talk due to ...
Like a collection of 'Pick Up Sticks', this neural network has passed a critical step for developing machine intelligence. For the first time, a physical neural network has successfully been shown to learn and remember 'on the fly', in a way ...
Physicists working with computer specialists have developed a so-called event-based architecture, using photonic processors. In a similar way to the brain, this makes possible the continuous adaptation of the connections within the neural ...
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For the first time, a person with an arm amputation can manipulate each finger of a bionic hand as if it was his own. Thanks to revolutionary surgical and engineering advancements that seamlessly ...

That experiences leave their trace in the connectivity of the brain has been known for a while, but a pioneering study now shows how massive these effects really are. The findings in mice provide ...

A new method for connecting neurons in neuromorphic wetware has been developed. The wetware comprises conductive polymer wires grown in a three-dimensional configuration, done by applying square-wave ...

A new soft robotic glove is lending a 'hand' and providing hope to piano players who have suffered a disabling stroke or other neurotrauma. Combining flexible tactile sensors, soft ...

Measuring human brain activity down to the cellular level: until now, this has been possible only to a limited extent. With a new approach it will now be much easier. The method relies on ...

A new AI-based system called a semantic decoder can translate a person's brain activity -- while listening to a story or silently imagining telling a story -- into a continuous stream of text. ...

Scientists have demonstrated nanowire networks can exhibit both short- and long-term memory like the human ...

Brain scans taken during table tennis reveal differences in how we respond to human versus machine ...

Researchers have developed biosensor technology that will allow you to operate devices, such as robots and machines, solely through thought ...

A 'biocomputer' powered by human brain cells could be developed within our lifetime, according to researchers who expect such technology to exponentially expand the capabilities of modern ...

Researchers used computational modeling to uncover mutations in the human genome that likely influenced the evolution of human cognition. This groundbreaking research in human genomics could lead to ...

Researchers have combined low-power chip design, machine learning algorithms, and soft implantable electrodes to produce a neural interface that can identify and suppress symptoms of various ...

There were no safety events that required removal of the device, no infections of the brain or nervous system, and no adverse events resulting in permanently increased disability related to the ...

Brain-computer interface companies like Neuralink are in the news a lot these days for their potential to revolutionize how humans interact with machines, but electrodes are not the most ...

A team of engineers and neuroscientists has demonstrated for the first time that human brain organoids implanted in mice have established functional connectivity to the animals' cortex and ...

Researchers discuss how mimicking sleep patterns of the human brain in artificial neural networks may help mitigate the threat of catastrophic forgetting in the latter, boosting their utility across ...

A mind-controlled wheelchair can help a paralyzed person gain new mobility by translating users' thoughts into mechanical commands. Researchers now demonstrate that tetraplegic users can operate ...

A multi-disciplinary team has found a way to convert nerve impulses into light, opening the way for more scalable neural ...

Researchers introduce a new neurocomputational model of the human brain that could bridge the gap in understanding AI and the biological mechanisms underlying mental ...

Researchers have made an important discovery about the way our brains process the sensations of sound and touch. The new study reveals how the brain's different sensory systems are all closely ...

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