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Educational Technology News

December 1, 2023

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The changing information technology industry, latest artificial intelligence applications, high demand for IT professionals, and evolving need for learning are leading to the search for innovations in education that will allow current and future ...
Young people (24 years and younger) spend an average of six hours a day online, primarily using their smartphones, according to new research. Older people (those 24 years and older) spend 4.6 hours ...
A new study looks at how college students react to being accused of using ChatGPT to cheat on ...
Parents are spending considerable amounts of energy thinking about and mitigating the risks associated with their kids using mobile phones and the ...
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ChatGPT faced off against students on accounting assessments. Students scored an overall average of 76.7%, compared to ChatGPT's score of 47.4%. On a 11.3% of questions, ChatGPT scored higher ...

In a new study, researchers had 28 high school students create their own machine-learning artificial intelligence (AI) models for analyzing data. The goals of the project were to help students ...

A new study finds that high school students identify more with math if they see their math teacher treating everyone in the class equitably, especially in racially diverse schools. While the ...

Engineering researchers are successfully using a robot to help keep children with learning disabilities focused on their ...

Despite old fears that bad effects follow excessive video game playing or questionable game choices, researchers found those factors mattered little, if any, in children's brain health. The bad ...

Researchers have found that, although more screen time at 2 years of age is associated with poorer communication and daily living skills at age 4, time spent playing outdoors can mitigate these ...

Psychologists had people learn words from two phonetically similar languages in virtual reality environments. Those who learned each language in its own unique context mixed up fewer words and were ...

Online gaming behavior can encourage gamers to gain a variety of soft skills which could assist them with training to support their career aspirations, according to new ...

Researchers have highlighted how lack of access to a computer was linked to poorer mental health among young people and adolescents during COVID-19 ...

Many computer systems people interact with on a daily basis require knowledge about certain aspects of the world, or models, to work. These systems have to be trained, often needing to learn to ...

Music and arts classes are often first on the chopping block when schools face tight budgets and pressure to achieve high scores on standardized tests. But it's precisely those classes that can ...

Texts used in second language (L2) classrooms have traditionally been simplified manually. With recent technological advances, text can be simplified automatically through artificial ...

A study of U.S. middle and high school students shows that about 17 percent were cyberbullied in 2016 and 2019, but that proportion rose to 23 percent in 2021. Notably, 19 percent of Asian American ...

Two researchers have published a study that asked students if they see themselves as a math or science person, then followed up with them several times in following years. Results showed those who ...

Helping children become more 'digitally resilient' needs to be a collective effort if they are to learn how to 'thrive online', according to new research. Digital resilience is ...

Not too sport heavy, not too sleep deprived -- finding the 'just right' balance in a child's busy day can be a challenge. But while parents may struggle to squeeze in homework amid ...

Researchers have developed a new approach that uses math to determine the best ways to group individuals to maximize learning. Their work has broad implications in education, as well as in economics, ...

'You're so smart!' -- This encouraging response may actually do more harm than good to children's math performance, according to a new study. The study found that encouraging ...

Caregivers who consume digital media for relaxation are more likely to engage in negative parenting practices, according to a new multinational ...

Children's outbursts of rage while playing digital games are causing both concern and public debate around the topic. Taking a novel approach to gamer rage, a new study examines the topic from a ...

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