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Nature of Water News

February 22, 2024

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Wherever hot water flows, limescale is never far away. In households, this is a nuisance; in thermal power stations, it's an expensive problem. Now researchers have found an ...
For the first time, physicists have captured direct images of 'second sound,' the movement of heat sloshing back and forth within a superfluid. The results will expand scientists' understanding of heat flow in superconductors and neutron ...
Millions of tons of plastic waste enter the oceans each year. The sun's ultraviolet light and ocean turbulence break down these plastics into invisible nanoparticles that threaten marine ecosystems. ...
Every fluid -- from Earth's atmosphere to blood pumping through the human body -- has viscosity, a quantifiable characteristic describing how the fluid will deform when it encounters some other matter. If the viscosity is higher, the fluid flows ...
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A new advancement in theoretical physics could, one day, help engineers develop new kinds of computer chips that might store information for longer in very small ...

A new portable filtration system collects dirty water with a syringe and injects it into a hydrogel filter that weeds out nearly all tiny ...

Inspired by a 1725 fire engine that pumped water at larger distances and higher speeds than previously possible, authors analyzed the pressure chamber's Windkessel effect to capture the physics ...

Tiny particles such as ice crystals or ash particles tend to oscillate as they settle through the atmosphere. In their experiments, the scientists were able to track non-spherical particles of size ...

A new study shows that the physics principle of 'nucleation' can perform complex calculations that rival a simple neural network. The work may suggest avenues for new ways to think about ...

Researchers have developed a material to remove urea from water and potentially convert it into hydrogen gas. By building these materials of nickel and cobalt atoms with carefully tailored electronic ...

Chemists have mapped how proton-coupled electron transfers happen at the surface of an electrode. Their results could help researchers design more efficient fuel cells, batteries, or other energy ...

Textbook models will need to be re-drawn after a team of researchers found that water molecules at the surface of salt water are organised differently than previously ...

Researchers use light-reactive molecules to influence the acidity of a liquid and thereby capture of carbon dioxide. They have developed a special mixture of different solvents to ensure that the ...

Scientists developed a soft fluidic switch using an ionic polymer artificial muscle that runs with ultra-low power to lift objects 34 times greater than its weight. Its light weight and small size ...

Researchers have taken the first steps toward finding liquid solvents that may someday help extract critical building materials from lunar and Martian-rock dust, an important piece in making ...

The frigid Arctic Ocean is far removed from the places most people live, but even so, 'forever chemicals' reach this remote landscape. Now, research suggests that per- and polyfluoroalkyl ...

Starting a new year, many people pledge to enact self-care routines that improve their appearance. And facial sheet masks soaked in skin care ingredients provide an easy way to do this. However, ...

A study finds chiral structures, with mirror-image configurations, can emerge from nonchiral systems, suggesting new ways to engineer these ...

New research reveals how corrosion happens on the atomic ...

Aptamers, nucleic acids capable of selectively binding to viruses, proteins, ions, small molecules, and various other targets, are garnering attention in drug development as potential antibody ...

A collaborative team of experimental and computational physical chemists has made an important discovery in the field of electrochemistry, shedding light on the movement of water molecules near metal ...

A new study advances fundamental knowledge about the role of solvation in ion binding and presents a new pathway for electrochemically controlling ion ...

In a study that could help fill some holes in quantum theory, the team recreated a 'quantum bomb tester' in a classical droplet ...

A fabrication process can produce self-heating microfluidic devices in one step using a multimaterial 3D printer. These devices, which can be made rapidly and cheaply in large numbers, could help ...

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