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September 27, 2023

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Negative pressure is a rare and challenging-to-detect phenomenon in physics. Using liquid-filled optical fibers and sound waves, researchers have now discovered a new method to measure it. In collaboration with the Leibniz Institute of Photonic ...
Scientists have developed a new desalination method that pumps water through a membrane without using any external ...
Geothermal heat offers a promising source of renewable energy with almost zero emissions, but it remains a relatively expensive option to generate electricity. A new technique may help prevent ...
Achieving photochemical upconversion in a solid state is a step closer to reality, thanks to a new technique that could unlock vital innovations in renewable energy, water purification and advanced ...

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A researcher made a discovery that could change our understanding of the universe. He reveals that there is a range in which fundamental constants can vary, allowing for the viscosity needed for life ...

Researchers show mechanics of how drag on a partially submerged object may be several times greater than drag on a fully submerged object made of the same ...

If coal and natural gas power generation were 2% more efficient, then, every year, there could be 460 million fewer tons of carbon dioxide released and 2 trillion fewer gallons of water used. A ...

Researchers successfully harvest water from the atmosphere using ambient ...

In an experiment on how turbulent boundary layers respond to acceleration in the flow around them, aerospace engineers at the observed an unexpected internal boundary ...

Researchers have demonstrated the use of a specially coated metal mesh to harvest water from fog and simultaneously remove pollutants. People living in foggy areas with low rainfall should benefit ...


Pouring flecks of rust into water usually makes it dirtier. But researchers have developed special iron oxide nanoparticles called 'smart rust' that actually makes it cleaner. The magnetic ...

New research examines the critical problem of drinking water access in rural areas of developing countries and recommends optimal locations to build new water ...

New research confirms fracking causes slow, small earthquakes or tremors, whose origin was previously a mystery to scientists. The tremors are produced by the same processes that could create large, ...

Gold (Au)-based electrocatalysts used for hydrogen production via water electrolysis exhibit high chemical stability but low hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) activity. Alloying them with nickel (Ni) ...

Whether they're made from soybeans, almonds, oats, or just sourced straight from the cow, milk products must go through heat treatment to prevent harmful bacterial growth and keep them safe. But ...

Chemical engineering researchers have overcome the challenge of designing such properly self-aligning structures by using fluid mechanics, chemo-mechanical processes -- and a little ...


Many substances change their properties when they are cooled below a certain critical temperature. Such a phase transition occurs, for example, when water freezes. However, in certain metals there ...

An unusual discovery is now being developed as an on-demand cooling solution for high-flying military ...

Chemists have demonstrated that water remediation can be powered in part -- and perhaps even exclusively -- by renewable energy ...

Almost everyone has a bag of veggies shoved into the dark recesses of their freezer that's now essentially an unrecognizable block of ice crystals. And when thawed, foods damaged by excessive ...

Researchers report achieving self-sustaining and long-term levitation of millimeter-sized droplets of several different liquids without any external forces. To get the droplets to levitate, they use ...

Mechanical engineering and materials science advancements could revolutionize safety equipment for athletes and ...

Over the past several years, researchers have been developing soft analogues of traditionally rigid robotic components. In fluid-driven robotic systems, pumps control the pressure or flow of the ...

In Physics of Fluids, Vega et al. researched human tears at the micron level to reveal new ways of customizing artificial tears to address individual symptoms of dry eye disease. The detailed ...

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