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November 25, 2015

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November 25, 2015

Nov. 18, 2015 — Some parts of the Twin Cities can spike temperatures up to 9°F higher than surrounding communities thanks to the 'urban heat island' effect, according to a new ... read more

Global Connections Between El Nino Events, Drought

Nov. 2, 2015 — A team of researchers recently discovered that global climate change is causing general increases in both plant growth and potential drought risk. El Nino is a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere ... read more

Oct. 21, 2015 — A new method has been developed to estimate fish movements using ocean heat content images, a dataset commonly used in hurricane intensity forecasting. With Atlantic tarpon as the messenger, this is ... read more

Oct. 21, 2015 — A new study suggests that the weather patterns known as El Nino and La Nina could lead to at least a doubling of extreme droughts and floods in California later this ... read more

Gone With the Wind: Migratory Birds Need Less Time to Travel Along Longer Routes When They Optimize for Wind Support

Oct. 21, 2015 — Each year migratory birds travel over thousands of kilometers. In spring and autumn, billions of individuals move from colder and less productive areas across vast distances to warmer and more ... read more

Oct. 19, 2015 — Every two to seven years, an unusually warm pool of water -- known as El Nino, affects the local aquatic environment, but also spurs extreme weather patterns around the world, from flooding in ... read more

Oct. 19, 2015 — New research results show how interaction of the El Niño phenomenon with the annual cycle of solar radiation in the western Pacific generates a suite of predictable wind and rainfall patterns ... read more

Oct. 19, 2015 — Researchers might have finally provided a solution to the ecological riddle of why tree abundance on Africa's grassy savannas diminishes in response to heavy rainfall despite scientists' ... read more

Oct. 16, 2015 — To improve long-term understanding of weather and global environmental change, the Royal Research Ship <em>Discovery</em> is leaving Southampton tomorrow for a six week expedition to the ... read more

Oct. 16, 2015 — Climate scientists conclude that a warmer future with normal rainfall on California's coast will leave coast redwoods south of San Francisco Bay with significantly different climate than they ... read more

Oct. 15, 2015 — A new study challenges the prevailing wisdom by identifying the atmosphere as the driver of a decades-long climate variation known as the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation. The findings offer new ... read more

Oct. 15, 2015 — Because sea turtles don't have an X or Y chromosome, their sex is defined during development by the incubation environment. Warmer conditions produce females and cooler conditions produce males. ... read more

Biodiversity Stabilizes Ecosystems During Climate Extremes

Oct. 14, 2015 — Can biodiversity help protect ecosystems from extreme conditions? A study of 46 grasslands in North America and Europe points to a promising answer: increasing plant diversity decreases the extent to ... read more

Oct. 14, 2015 — Scientists have projected that the onset of spring plant growth will shift by a median of three weeks earlier over the next century, as a result of rising global ... read more

Forecasters Look Higher for Clues to Winter Weather

Oct. 13, 2015 — Meteorologists have found that by taking account of changing winds in the stratosphere, forecasters could be twice as certain of their winter weather predictions for between a fortnight and a month ... read more

More Extreme Weather Projected in the Amazon Could Have Global Climate Consequences

Oct. 12, 2015 — A new paper evaluates the accuracy of current climate models and uses them to project future drought and wet periods in the Amazon. Authors conclude that the whole of the Amazon will confront more ... read more

Not in My Backyard: Extreme Weather Perceptions in Your Neighborhood and Beyond

Oct. 12, 2015 — Would you consider your perceptions of extreme weather to be dependent on where you live, how much you earn or your political views? There is a case to suggest that the social, economic or political ... read more

Distinguishing Coincidence from Causality: Connections in the Climate System

Oct. 7, 2015 — Detecting how changes in one spot on Earth -- in temperature, rain, wind -- are linked to changes in another, far away area is key to assessing climate risks. Scientists have now developed a new ... read more

Link Between Dengue Epidemics, High Temperatures During Strong El Niño Season

Oct. 6, 2015 — Epidemics of dengue are linked to high temperatures brought by the El Niño weather phenomenon, an international team of researchers has ... read more

Oct. 1, 2015 — Researchers use a real life HOLODEC (yes, said like the Star Trek holodeck). The instrument creates a holographic model of water droplets in clouds. Check out the airborne laboratory the researchers ... read more

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