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February 7, 2016

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February 7, 2016

Recognizing Health Concerns in Wind Energy Development a Key Recommendation in New Study

Jan. 26, 2016 — As wind energy development blossoms in Canada and around the world, opposition at the community level is challenging the viability of the industry. A new study identifies four major factors leading ... read more

Study Provides Insights on Sources of Environmental Contamination Following Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

Jan. 19, 2016 — Four years after Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster that led to major releases of radioactivity to environment, questions still remain regarding the original sources of ... read more

How Will Climate Policy Affect Energy Access Goals?

Jan. 14, 2016 — Without new subsidies and policies to support increased energy access, new climate policies could push access to modern energy out of reach for millions in Asia. Currently, three billion people ... read more

Jan. 13, 2016 — Researchers demonstrate in a new study the precise mechanism by which sunlight generates electrical charge within cutting-edge solar cell film, yielding potential benefits for solar power ... read more

Second-Generation Biofuels Can Reduce Emissions

Jan. 11, 2016 — Second-generation biofuel crops like the perennial grasses Miscanthus and switchgrass can efficiently meet emission reduction goals without significantly displacing cropland used for food production, ... read more

Global Learning Is Needed to Save Carbon Capture and Storage from Being Abandoned

Jan. 11, 2016 — Governments should not be abandoning carbon capture and storage, argues a researcher, as it is the only realistic way of dramatically reducing carbon emissions. Instead, they should be investing in ... read more

Jan. 8, 2016 — The Paris climate summit ended last year with landmark national commitments for greenhouse gas reductions, but much of the hard work of reducing emissions will fall on cities to change their ... read more

Jan. 8, 2016 — Plastic solar cells are light, easy to install, and readily produced using a printer. Nevertheless, the processes that take place on the molecular scale during the production of organic solar cells ... read more

Optimum Band Gap for Hybrid Silicon/perovskite Tandem Solar Cell

Jan. 8, 2016 — Tandem solar cells based on silicon and perovskites have raised high hopes for future high efficiency solar modules. A team has now shown that an ultimate efficiency of 30 percent should be ... read more

Jan. 6, 2016 — In the quest for sustainable alternative energy and fuel sources, one viable solution may be the conversion of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into liquid fuels, say ... read more

Renewable Energy for State Renewable Portfolio Standards Yielded Sizable Benefits

Jan. 6, 2016 — Billions in dollars in benefits come from reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and from reductions in other air pollution for state renewable portfolio standard policies operating in 2013, a new study ... read more

Jan. 4, 2016 — Researchers have successfully demonstrated that desert sand from the UAE could be used in concentrated solar power (CSP) facilities to store thermal energy up to 1000°C. The research project called ... read more

Worldwide Electricity Production Vulnerable to Climate and Water Resource Change

Jan. 4, 2016 — Climate change impacts on rivers and streams may substantially reduce electricity production capacity around the world. A new study calls for a greater focus on adaptation efforts in order to ... read more

Dec. 18, 2015 — Underground heat islands in cities have an enormous geothermal potential. Warm groundwater can be used to produce sustainable energy for heating and cooling. Researchers have now developed a new ... read more

Norway's EV Purchasing Spree Is Climate Friendly, Researchers Say

Dec. 18, 2015 — If every other passenger car in Norway is plugged into the electric network by 2020, Europe will have to produce more electricity – mainly from coal-fired power plants – to meet the demand. But ... read more

Dec. 17, 2015 — An ultra-high-resolution technique used for the first time to study polymer fibers that trap uranium in seawater may cause researchers to rethink the best methods to harvest this potential fuel for ... read more

Dec. 17, 2015 — Renewable fuels from pyrolysis bio-oil has been created by researchers. Pyrolysis bio-oil is produced by rapidly heating the forest residues in an oxygen-free environment and then rapidly cooling the ... read more

Solar Cells That Can Face Almost Any Direction and Keep Themselves Clean

Dec. 16, 2015 — In recent years, a complicated discussion over which direction solar cells should face -- south or west -- has likely left customers uncertain about the best way to orient their panels. Now ... read more

Fuel Economy Improvements in US Climate Commitment on Par With 1970s Gains

Dec. 15, 2015 — To hold up its end of the landmark climate deal signed in Paris last week, the U.S. will need to make cars and trucks of the future far more fuel efficient. New research shows that automakers won’t ... read more

'Hydricity' Concept Uses Solar Energy to Produce Power Round-the-Clock

Dec. 15, 2015 — Researchers are proposing a new 'hydricity' concept aimed at creating a sustainable economy by not only generating electricity with solar energy but also producing and storing hydrogen from ... read more

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