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Civil Engineering News

March 1, 2024

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Engineers have unveiled an encodable multifunctional material that can dynamically tune its shape and mechanical properties in real ...
Researchers are revisiting old building practices -- the use of by-products and cast-offs -- as a way to improve building materials and sustainability of the trade. A technique known as rammed earth ...
Researchers have discovered a solid material that rapidly conducts lithium ions. Consisting of non-toxic earth-abundant elements, the new material has high enough Li ion conductivity to replace the ...
Issues such as abrupt changes in speed limits and incomplete lane markings are among the most influential factors that can predict road crashes, finds new research. The study then used machine ...
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During X-ray diffraction experiments, bright lasers shine on a sample, producing diffracted images that contain important information about the material's structure and properties. But ...

In hopes of producing concrete structures that can repair their cracks, researchers are putting a new twist on an old trick for improving the durability of concrete. Fiber reinforcement has been ...

Seeing robots made with soft, flexible parts in action appears to lower people's anxiety about working with them or even being replaced by them. A study found that watching videos of a soft ...

Amid the rubble of large-sale earthquake, war or other disaster -- and as ageing buildings and infrastructure are replaced -- mountains of concrete are often taken to landfill or pounded into rubble ...

Civil and environmental engineers have determined the factors that may help identify the schools and daycare centers at greatest risk for elevated levels of lead in drinking water. The most telling ...

Researchers report that they have developed a new composite material designed to change behaviors depending on temperature in order to perform specific tasks. These materials are poised to be part of ...

Carbon capture is essential to reduce the impact of human carbon dioxide emissions on our climate. Researchers have developed a method to confirm whether carbon in concrete originates from the raw ...

Researchers taught an autonomous excavator to construct dry stone walls itself using boulders weighing several tons and demolition ...

A novel surgical implant was able to kill 87% of the bacteria that cause staph infections in laboratory tests, while remaining strong and compatible with surrounding tissue like current implants. The ...

A research project has made a brand-new breakthrough over conventional stainless steel and the development of stainless steel for hydrogen ...

Researchers aiming to combat rising global temperatures have developed a new 'cooling glass' that can turn down the heat indoors without electricity by drawing on the cold depths of space. ...

Existing systems cannot satisfy growing volume of deliveries. People would accept deliveries by automated vehicles over drones or robots. Putting logistics at the front and center of cities could ...

Rubber-like materials can exhibit both spring-like and flow-like behaviors simultaneously, which contributes to their exceptional damping abilities. To understand the dynamic viscoelasticity of these ...

Liquefied stabilized soil (LSS) is made with construction waste and used for filling and backfilling long, confined spaces where traditional compaction is difficult. Using LSS helps speed up ...

Researchers have developed a new method for 3D printing metal that could help reduce costs and make more efficient use of ...

New research shows that the electronic structure of metals can strongly affect their mechanical ...

Large chunks of the Navajo Nation in the Southwest lack access to clean drinkable water, a trend that has been rising in many parts of the U.S. in recent years. A research team aims to change ...

A new study reveals the pitfalls of deep generative models when they are tasked with solving engineering design problems. The researchers say if mechanical engineers want help from AI for novel ideas ...

Engineers have developed a recipe to make a certain class of ceramics tougher and more resistant to cracking. The newfound toughness of these ceramics paves the way for their use in extreme ...

As the wind and rain pound the blades of a wind turbine, researchers carefully monitor screens, hundreds of kilometers away analyzing if the blade's coatings can withstand the onslaught. While ...

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