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Sports Science News

December 3, 2023

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In a milestone for artificial intelligence (AI), the AI system 'Swift' has beaten the world champions in drone racing -- a result that seemed unattainable just a few years ago. The AI-piloted drone ...
A study used innovative markerless motion capture technology to study the biomechanics of proficient free-throw shooters. Results showed the best shooters had more controlled motion, less forward ...
Mechanical engineering and materials science advancements could revolutionize safety equipment for athletes and ...
Researchers have presented important first steps in building underwater navigation ...
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Earlier Headlines

Experiencing the harsh sounds of skateboarding can help bridge the gulf between the joy and distaste of the noises created by the sport, a new study ...

In baseball, even the smallest detail can tip the scales in favor of the batter or the pitcher. A recent publication has highlighted how rosin powder helps maintain a more constant friction when ...

Using smart technology to monitor the health, reproductivity, location, and environmental conditions of cattle can help with food safety and supply chain efficiency, but this monitoring adds energy ...

Researchers have developed a method for measuring overall fitness accurately on wearable devices -- and more robustly than current consumer smartwatches and fitness monitors -- without the wearer ...

Women football players require specifically tailored products such as kit, boots, and balls in order to optimize their performance and safety on the pitch, according to a new ...

A multi-campus research team has developed a novel device for non-invasively measuring cervical nerve activity in humans. The device has potential applications for supporting more personalized ...

Algorithms can predict the in-game actions of volleyball players with more than 80% accuracy, and now the lab is collaborating with the Big Red hockey team to expand the research project's ...

New research says adopting a new, attentional mindset in the field of physical therapy can help amputees live with prosthesis more ...

To control ball trajectory, a soccer player must understand how to orient the foot and where the ball should make contact on the foot. The findings of a recent study showed foot orientation and swing ...

Scientists describe the development of a type of wearable human-machine interface device that is stretchable, inexpensive, and waterproof. The device is based on a soft magnetoelastic sensor array ...

Only a handful of researchers have studied why an American football flies in such a unique trajectory, rifling through the air with remarkable precision, but also swerving, wobbling, and even ...

Researchers have been able to successfully teach microrobots how to swim via deep reinforcement learning, marking a substantial leap in the progression of microswimming ...

New research has used motion capture technology to assess the accuracy of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technologies in football. The study suggests that VAR is useful for preventing obvious mistakes ...

New findings have endorsed what millions of people around the world believe: fitness trackers, pedometers and smart watches motivate us to exercise more and lose ...

Like a newborn animal, a four-legged robot stumbles around during its first walking attempts. But while a foal or a giraffe needs much longer to master walking, the robot learns to move forward ...

Scientists have taken a promising step towards a new generation of accurate, affordable and portable devices to detect concussion, epilepsy and ...

Researchers describe a new way to evaluate rankings. Their goal is not to find one true hierarchy, but to calculate the spread of all possible hierarchies, with each one weighted by its ...

To provide a convenient tool for the early detection of injuries, researchers have developed a portable MRI device for diagnosing cartilage damage in the wrist. Using this device, the researchers ...

New research into human speed suggests that athletes who performed short sprints with their arms closed across their chests were nearly as fast as when they sprinted with their normal arm ...

A new laboratory method uses a high-accuracy ball delivery device and speed measurement system to provide better clues on exactly how high and far some of those baseballs will ...

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