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Optics News

March 4, 2024

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The question of where the boundary between classical and quantum physics lies is one of the longest-standing pursuits of modern scientific research and in new research, scientists demonstrate a novel platform that could help us find an ...
Molecules that are induced by light to rotate bulky groups around central bonds could be developed into photo-activated bioactive systems, molecular switches, and ...
The simplest possible molecule H2+ was one of the very first molecules to form in the cosmos. This makes it significant for astrophysics, but also an important object of research for fundamental physics. It is difficult to study in experiments. ...
Researchers have developed a simulator that enables artificial visual observations for research into the visual prosthesis. This open source tool is available to researchers and offers those who are interested insight into the future ...
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Researchers have unveiled a novel concept termed 'supercritical coupling' that enables several folds increase in photon upconversion efficiency. This discovery not only challenges existing ...

A team of researchers has developed a wireless device, powered by light, that can be implanted to regulate cardiovascular or neural activity in the body. The feather-light membranes, thinner than a ...

Scientists unveil metasurface technology, allowing for angle-dependent ...

Engineers have developed a new chip that uses light waves, rather than electricity, to perform the complex math essential to training AI. The chip has the potential to radically accelerate the ...

Researchers have discovered how to make an optical metamaterial that would underpin a variety of new ...

Scientists have achieved a milestone by controlling quantum phenomena at room ...

The properties of supramolecular polymers are dictated by the self-assembled state of the molecules. However, not much is known about the impact of morphologies on the properties of nano- and ...

Semiconductors are ubiquitous in modern technology, working to either enable or prevent the flow of electricity. In order to understand the potential of two-dimensional semiconductors for future ...

Highly reducing or oxidizing photocatalysts are a fundamental challenge in photochemistry. Only a few transition metal complexes with Earth-abundant metal ions have so far advanced to excited state ...

A new technique can control a larger number of microscopic defects in a diamond. These defects can be used as qubits for quantum sensing applications, and being able to control a greater number of ...

Researchers have developed a spiral-shaped lens that maintains clear focus at different distances in varying light conditions. The new lens works much like progressive lenses used for vision ...

Researchers pioneer dynamic manipulation and the generation principles of trion at the nanoscale using tip-enhanced ...

Scientists completed several successful attempts to fire 28 kilojoules of laser energy at small capsules filled with deuterium and tritium fuel, causing the capsules to implode and produce a plasma ...

Many people are familiar with facial recognition systems that unlock smartphones and game systems or allow access to our bank accounts online. But the current technology can require boxy projectors ...

Researchers have succeeded in generating a logical qubit from a single light pulse that has the inherent capacity to correct ...

Researchers have gained new insights into the development of the light-induced ferroelectric state in SrTiO3. They exposed the material to mid-infrared and terahertz frequency laser pulses and found ...

Researchers demonstrated a 300 GHz-band wireless link that was able to transmit data over a single channel at a rate of 240 gigabits per second. The wireless communication system employs signal ...

Researchers have developed a pioneering method to precisely manipulate ultrafast spin waves in antiferromagnetic materials using tailored light ...

Researchers have successfully developed a new time-resolved atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique, integrating AFM with a unique laser technology. This method enables the measurement of ultrafast ...

Plasmonics are unique light-matter interactions in the nanoscale regime. Now, a team of researchers has highlighted advances in shadow growth techniques for plasmonic materials, which have the ...

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