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Quantum Computing News

November 29, 2023

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A new kind of 'wire' for moving excitons could help enable a new class of devices, perhaps including room temperature quantum ...
Experiments have provided the first direct evidence that electricity seems to flow through 'strange metals' in an unusual liquid-like ...
Quantum scientists have discovered a rare phenomenon that could hold the key to creating a 'perfect switch' in quantum devices which flips between being an insulator and ...
In 1973, physicist Phil Anderson hypothesized that the quantum spin liquid, or QSL, state existed on some triangular lattices, but he lacked the tools to delve deeper. Fifty years later, a team has confirmed the presence of QSL behavior in a new ...
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Quantum physicists have shown that it's possible to control and manipulate spin waves on a chip using superconductors for the first time. These tiny waves in magnets may offer an alternative to ...

The hardness of a material normally is set by the strength of chemical bonds between electrons of neighboring atoms, not by freely flowing conduction electrons. Now a team of scientists has shown ...

Researchers have developed a system that uses atomic vacancies in silicon carbide to measure the stability and quality of acoustic resonators. What's more, these vacancies could also be used for ...

Researchers have proposed a new way of using quantum light to 'see' quantum sound. A new paper reveals the quantum-mechanical interplay between vibrations and particles of light, known as ...

Graphene is often referred to as a wonder material for its advantageous qualities. But its application in quantum computers, while promising, is stymied by the challenge of getting accurate ...

The development of tumors begins with miniscule changes within the body's cells; ion diffusion at the smallest scales is decisive in the performance of batteries. Until now the resolution of ...

A new electrical method to conveniently change the direction of electron flow in some quantum materials could have implications for the development of next-generation electronic devices and quantum ...

Physicists have used a small glass bulb containing an atomic vapor to demonstrate a new form of antenna for radio waves. The bulb was 'wired up' with laser beams and could therefore be ...

Physicists have shown that simulating models of hypothetical time travel can solve experimental problems that appear impossible to solve using standard ...

The interaction between solid matter and positron (the antiparticle of electron) has provided important insights across a variety of disciplines, including atomic physics, materials science, ...

Researchers have developed a 'quantum ruler' to measure and explore the strange properties of multilayered sheets of graphene, a form of carbon. The work may also lead to a new, ...

Applying machine learning to find the properties of atomic pieces of geometry shows how AI has the power to accelerate discoveries in ...

Scientists unveil exciting possibilities for the development of highly efficient quantum ...

Newly developed ultra-low radiation cables reduce background noise for neutrino and dark matter ...

Physicists begin to shed light on one of the most important questions regarding quantum spin liquids, and they do so by introducing a new phase of ...

Using laser light, researchers have developed the most robust method currently known to control individual qubits made of the chemical element barium. The ability to reliably control a qubit is an ...

Researchers have found a way to maintain valley polarization at room temperature using novel materials and ...

Researchers have used machine learning to perform error correction for quantum computers -- a crucial step for making these devices practical -- using an autonomous correction system that despite ...

Researchers have mathematically derived the fundamental limit of heat current flowing into a quantum system comprising numerous quantum mechanical particles in relation to the particle count. ...

Scientists demonstrated a conceptual breakthrough by fabricating atomically precise quantum antidots using self-assembled single vacancies in a two-dimensional transition metal ...

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