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Transportation Science News

November 30, 2023

Top Headlines

A team has used Human Body Models to investigate accidents involving electric scooters and identified the most important factors for preventing serious ...
A team of researchers has developed a new method to determine the attention levels of drivers and their readiness to respond to warning signals when using auto-pilot ...
Even when humans see AI-based assistants purely as tools, they ascribe partial responsibility for decisions to them, as a new study ...
A new study finds that 'connected' vehicles, which share data with each other wirelessly, significantly improve travel time through intersections -- but automated vehicles can actually slow down travel time through intersections if they are not ...
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Earlier Headlines

Exhaust fumes probably come to mind when considering vehicle emissions, but they aren't the only source of pollutants released by a daily commute. Researchers report that alcohols in windshield ...

The first statistically realistic roadway simulation has now been developed. While it currently represents a particularly perilous roundabout, future work will expand it to include other driving ...

New research has identified characteristics of aggressive driving -- which impact both road users and the transition to self-driving cars of the ...

A team of scientists presents an original oscillating short-term memory model to study the dynamics of landing events at 10 major European airports. The model can estimate how landing volumes will ...

If you live near a busy road you might feel like the constant sound of roaring engines, honking horns and wailing sirens makes your blood pressure rise. Now a new study confirms it can do exactly ...

The push toward truly autonomous vehicles has been hindered by the cost and time associated with safety testing, but a new system shows that artificial intelligence can reduce the testing miles ...

Scientists have developed a modeling technique to study urban traffic flows and show that their model can be used to find previously unknown bottlenecks. The model uses a modified form of percolation ...

An increasing number of U.S. interstates are set to try out an invention that could save millions of taxpayer dollars and significantly reduce traffic delays. The invention, a sensor that allows ...

A new machine learning model can predict traffic activity in different zones of cities. To do so, a researcher used data from a main car-sharing company in Italy as a proxy for overall city traffic. ...

Using ensemble learning techniques and longitudinal data from a large naturalistic driving study, researchers have developed a novel, interpretable and highly accurate algorithm for predicting mild ...

Researchers have developed autonomous driving software which distributes risk on the street in a fair manner. The algorithm contained in the software is considered to be the first to incorporate the ...

Researchers have developed an automated driving system based on the concept of 'collaborative steering', which aims to increase transportation safety, efficiency, and comfort by encouraging ...

Despite only about 25% of car travel happening after dark, almost half of fatal accidents occur at night. As our vehicles become more advanced and even autonomous, the ways of detecting and avoiding ...

A roadway setup known as the 'bike box,' a painted-off area for bicyclists at the front of an intersection, can help them stay safe at urban, signalized intersections, research ...

Researchers have developed a proof-of-concept system to autonomously detect compressed air leaks on trains and relay the location of the leaks to mechanical personnel for repair. The automated system ...

Researchers find data collected by mobile phones could be used to evaluate the structural integrity of ...

Efficient pricing will be crucial to minimize energy costs for private operators who provide on-the-highway wireless charging for electric cars -- and for consumers who will use this service, ...

Motorcycle drivers are 27 times more likely to die in an accident than those in regular passenger vehicles. Night driving is especially dangerous, accounting for nearly half of all fatal ...

Robotic eyes on autonomous vehicles could improve pedestrian safety, according to a new study. Participants played out scenarios in virtual reality (VR) and had to decide whether to cross a road in ...

If autonomous vehicles are ever going to achieve widespread adoption, we need to know they are capable of navigating complex traffic situations, such as merging into heavy traffic when lanes ...

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