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September 29, 2023

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As renewable energy sources like wind and solar ramp up, they can be used to sustainably generate hydrogen fuel. But implementing such a strategy on a large scale requires land and water dedicated to this ...
When people feel that their resources are scarce -- that they don't have enough money or time to meet their needs -- they often make decisions that favor short-term gains over long-term benefits. ...
New results reveal that many of Africa's remaining lions live within small, fragmented populations at risk of disappearing. The researchers developed a new framework which integrates ecological and ...
A new study finds that farmers in India have adapted to warming temperatures by intensifying the withdrawal of groundwater used for irrigation. If the trend continues, the rate of groundwater loss ...

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The global economy will grow slower in the 21st century than economists have expected, a finding that has implications for our ability to adapt to climate change in the coming decades, according to ...

A new analysis shows that, compared to similarly high-income European countries, the United States continues to have substantially higher death rates at all but the oldest ages, resulting in more ...

At least 80% of sites identified as being internationally important for biodiversity on land currently contain infrastructure -- of which more than 75% contain roads. In the future, more sites that ...

A team of researchers has developed a machine learning model that draws from the contents of news articles to effectively predict locations that face risks of food insecurity. The model, which could ...

A team of researchers has highlighted human-wildlife conflict as one of the globe's most pressing human development and conservation dilemmas. New research looked at 133 countries where 18 large ...

Blue foods -- those that come from the ocean or freshwater environments -- have tremendous potential to help address several global challenges. With careful implementation of policies that leverage ...


World War II-style rationing could be an effective way to reduce carbon emissions, according to new ...

New global modelling predicts the devastating socioeconomic impacts of future extreme coastal flooding for developing nations caused by climate change, with Asia, West Africa and Egypt facing severe ...

While residents in California are still dealing with damage from last month's floods -- after years of devastating droughts -- engineers are looking at better ways to manage the delivery of safe ...

While communities and governments nationwide have been facing the impact of wildfires on drinking water systems, no national synthesis of scientific and policy needs has been conducted. Now, a study ...

A maritime area three times the size of the city of London holds the highest risk for oil spills in the Gulf which can have devastating consequences locally and ...

Carbon dioxide removal is key to meeting the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. A new study analyzes what fair and equitable burden-sharing means for nature-based carbon dioxide removal ...


While the world focuses on limiting the rise in global temperature to 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius over the preindustrial average, increasing meltwater from ice sheets presents an existential threat to ...

In a real-world test of a new tool to better evaluate anti-poverty policies, a new study shows the economic benefits of expanding electricity ...

Financial stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic took a distinct toll on adolescent mental health and contributed to depressive symptoms, according to new research. The study found the effect was most ...

Authors of a new report say that reaching climate targets depends heavily on better decisions to manage already scarce water resources. Uninformed policy choices could put freshwater supplies at risk ...

The Paris Agreement says that we should reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to limit the rise in global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius. But do we have the measurement methods needed to achieve ...

Researchers report that more severe heat waves resulting from global warming have already cost the world economy trillions of dollars since the early 1990s -- with the world's poorest and lowest ...

Published only days before the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources' annual meeting, this evidence-based commentary notes that current levels of fishing, combined ...

Terrestrial agriculture provides the backbone of the world's food production system. A new article makes the case for increased investment in algae aquaculture systems as a means of meeting ...

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