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May 5, 2016

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May 5, 2016

Environmental Impacts of Demand-Side Technologies, Strategies for Carbon Mitigation

Apr. 25, 2016 — A new article aims to advance our understanding of life cycle environmental and natural resource implications of energy efficiency ... read more

Effectiveness of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Explored

Apr. 22, 2016 — A political researcher has authored a report on the effectiveness of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in improving transparency and domestic government in resource rich countries ... read more

Apr. 18, 2016 — Researchers have demonstrated proof of concept for a novel low-energy nuclear reaction imaging technique designed to detect the presence of 'special nuclear materials' -- weapons-grade ... read more

Apr. 14, 2016 — More than 700 million people worldwide have no running water. A new study shows that a tax on carbon dioxide could help remedy this situation while contributing considerably to climate ... read more

Transparency Is Not a Panacea for the Resource Curse, New Study Finds

Apr. 14, 2016 — Global campaigns such as the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) to bring more transparency to the oil and gas sectors in an effort to alleviate the resource curse have yet to live ... read more

Apr. 6, 2016 — State renewables portfolio standards, known as RPS policies, have contributed to more than half of all renewable electricity growth in the United States since 2000. Most state RPS requirements will ... read more

Water Cycle Instability Is Here to Stay Posing Major Political and Economic Risks

Apr. 4, 2016 — The current instability and unpredictability of the world water cycle is here to stay, making society's adaptation to new risks a vital necessity when formulating development policies, a UN ... read more

Near-Shore Wind Farms Would Have Big Impact on Coastal Tourism

Apr. 4, 2016 — Most people are unwilling to rent vacation homes that have a view of offshore wind turbines, a new study shows. Those who will rent expect steep rental discounts unless the turbines are more than ... read more

Mar. 30, 2016 — Part of the future of solar energy, especially for residential use, may be small'community-based' systems in which neighbors join together in the construction and use of solar systems to ... read more

Evolution of Smart Grid Offers Possibilities to Take Back Your Power

Mar. 30, 2016 — Common financial measures used in financial portfolio management are suitable for measuring market risk in smart grid projects, according to ... read more

Mar. 24, 2016 — Scientists have discovered that a highly promising group of materials known as hybrid lead halide perovskites can recycle light -- a finding that they believe could lead to large gains in the ... read more

Mar. 24, 2016 — Coal and gas-fired generation attracted less than half as much capacity investment as renewables last year; Renewables added more to global energy generation capacity than all other technologies ... read more

'Ethereal Carbon': B.C. Government Presents a Fossil Fuel as 'Clean'

Mar. 21, 2016 — Despite worldwide concern about the consequences of “fracking”, the British Columbia government is presenting its proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry as both an economic benefit to the ... read more

Mar. 18, 2016 — Using a new approach scientists have found that China's "climate responsibility", is not as significant as initially estimated. However, rather paradoxically, the latter country's ... read more

New Carbon Capture Membrane Boasts Carbon Dioxide Highways

Mar. 18, 2016 — A new, highly permeable carbon capture membrane could lead to more efficient ways of separating carbon dioxide from power plant exhaust, preventing the greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere and ... read more

Expanding Use of Recycled Water Would Benefit the Environment, Human Health

Mar. 18, 2016 — Expanding the use of recycled water would reduce water and energy use, cut greenhouse gas emissions and benefit public health in California — which is in the midst of a severe drought — and ... read more

Mar. 17, 2016 — America's oil consumption far exceeds that of every other country in the world. What's more, it's unsustainable. Soybeans, an important dietary protein and the current primary source ... read more

Mar. 16, 2016 — Hype followed by disappointment: That's been the general pattern over the past few decades when an alternative fuel is presented to the public. It's a fuel du jour phenomenon, from methanol ... read more

New Fuel Materials Could Make Nuclear Reactors Safer

Mar. 16, 2016 — Nuclear power is an important energy source and is essential as a clean energy to reduce current carbon emissions from fossil fuels. However, many people feel the risk of nuclear accidents does not ... read more

How More Research and Development Funding Can Hasten Green Revolution

Mar. 15, 2016 — A uniquely detailed model of the dynamics of innovation in the energy industry has been explained in a new article. In so doing, researchers indicate how supporting clean energy R&D, not just a ... read more

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