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May 26, 2024

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A new way of quickly distinguishing between illegal elephant ivory and legal mammoth tusk ivory could prove critical to fighting the illegal ivory trade. A laser-based approach could be used by customs worldwide to aid in the enforcement of illegal ...
Accurate 'time of death' estimates are a mainstay of murder mysteries and forensic programs, but such calculations in the real world are often complex and imprecise. In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have discovered a group of common ...
Much of the discussion around implementing artificial intelligence systems focuses on whether an AI application is 'trustworthy': Does it produce useful, reliable results, free of bias, while ensuring data privacy? But a new article poses a ...
Scientists demonstrate how bloodstains can yield valuable details by examining the protrusions that deviate from the boundaries of otherwise elliptical bloodstains. The researchers studied how these ...

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A new study looks at 110 years of income tax history across the U.S. and notes out-migration by wealthy ...

New study findings suggest that shortening overnight operations by seven hours at bars and taverns in a Baltimore, Md. neighborhood resulted in a 51 percent immediate drop in homicides within the ...

Contrary to some claims, laws that criminalize or otherwise punish drug use during pregnancy are more likely to worsen rather than improve health outcomes. The study is the first to systematically ...

Researchers have examined 1.2 million criminal incidents and developed an innovative method to identify patterns in criminal ...

An evaluation of 17 previously published studies suggests that exposure to lead in the womb or in childhood is associated with an increased risk of engaging in criminal behavior in adulthood -- but ...

Four decades of conservation spending totaling more than $9 billion in inflation-adjusted tax dollars has failed to improve stocks of wild salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River ...

Indonesia, home to the largest tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia and over 17,500 islands, is a country packed with biodiversity and endangered species. However, scientists studying the ...

Discoveries by forensic scientists about how gunshot residue behaves on skin, hair and fabric will allow crime scene investigators to catch up to the proliferation of new, eco-friendly types of ...

As robots assume more roles in the world, a new analysis reviewed research on robot rights, concluding that granting rights to robots is a bad idea. Instead, the article looks to Confucianism to ...

It is possible to retrieve forensically relevant information from human DNA in household ...

Research in languages other than English is critically important for biodiversity conservation and is shockingly under-utilized internationally, according to an international research ...

Researchers have developed and repeatedly tested a procedure that captures more information from eyewitnesses and improves the accuracy of lineups in police ...

The forensic-voice-comparison system, based on state-of-the-art automatic-speaker-recognition technology, outperformed all the ...

The researchers suggest that mass school shootings are different from other forms of mass murder, and that they should be looked at as a distinct phenomenon. Factors other than severe mental illness ...

Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia, is plagued by political and economic crises. The fall of a president, a military putsch and the crackdown on religious minorities have had an impact not only on ...

Watch any episode of 'CSI,' and a character will use forensic DNA profiling to identify a criminal. A new study suggests that these forensic profiles may indirectly reveal medical ...

Maintaining green parks and gardens in cities has the potential to lower the risk of crime, research suggests. More green space in a city is linked with lower risk of crime against property -- such ...

In 2016, North Carolina enacted legislation providing legal protections to people who make use of programs designed to reduce harms associated with illegal drug use. However, a new study finds these ...

Forensic dramas on TV make it seem easy to determine when fingerprints were left at the scene of a crime. In reality, the oils in fingerprints degrade over time, and it's difficult to figure out ...

A new study has found that the average rate of assaults with firearms increased an average of 9.5 percent relative to forecasted trends in the first 10 years after 34 states relaxed restrictions on ...

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